On September 12th, 2011, news broke that singer and actress Selena Gomez had tattooed the name “Justin” on her right wrist. The tattoo, written in black ink, has sparked speculation about the couple’s relationship.

At the time, Gomez was only 18 years old and Bieber was 17. The ink seemed to suggest a serious commitment to the relationship, despite their young age. Gomez and Bieber had been dating for a few months at the time, and had become one of the most talked-about celebrity couples.

The tattoo was a surprise to many fans, as it was not known that Gomez was a fan of tattoos. The couple’s relationship was often in the spotlight, and Gomez’s tattoo only added to the speculation about their future.

The couple eventually split in 2012, after a two-year relationship. Gomez has since had the tattoo removed, and has not spoken publicly about why she decided to get it in the first place.

The tattoo was a bold move for the young couple, and it certainly made a statement. While it may not have been the most practical decision, it certainly showed the world how serious they were about their relationship. Whether the tattoo was a sign of true love or a youthful mistake, it will always be remembered as a symbol of their time together.

By Influencer Magazine UK