In 1983, Prince Charles and Princess Diana embarked on a royal tour of Australia and New Zealand that was an immense success. The couple appeared to be very much in love, and their affection for each other was evident to the public. However, behind the scenes, there were rumors that Prince Charles was growing jealous of Diana’s immense popularity.

The tour was a huge success, with Diana’s popularity eclipsing that of her husband. Everywhere they went, Diana was the center of attention, and her natural charisma and beauty made her an instant hit with the public. Charles, on the other hand, was often overshadowed by his wife’s popularity. He was reportedly frustrated by the fact that Diana was receiving more attention than him, and this caused tension between the couple.

Despite this, Charles and Diana seemed to be very much in love during the tour. They were often seen holding hands, laughing, and exchanging loving glances. Diana was even seen comforting Charles when he was feeling overwhelmed by the attention.

However, it is believed that Charles’s feelings of jealousy and insecurity only grew as the tour progressed. This eventually led to the breakdown of their marriage, as Charles’s feelings of inadequacy and resentment towards Diana’s popularity only intensified.

It is impossible to know for sure if Charles truly loved Diana, but it is clear that he was deeply affected by her immense popularity. While their marriage eventually ended in divorce, it is undeniable that the couple shared a strong connection during their royal tour of Australia and New Zealand in 1983.

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