Did Justin Bieber ever propose to Selena Gomez? It’s a question that has been on the minds of many fans of the former couple since they first started dating in 2011.

The answer is no, Justin Bieber never proposed to Selena Gomez. While the two had a very public and tumultuous relationship, it never progressed to the point of an engagement.

The couple first started dating in 2011 and quickly became one of the most talked about couples in the entertainment industry. They were often seen out and about together, and even collaborated on a few songs. However, their relationship was not without its issues. They broke up and got back together several times over the course of their relationship, with their last break up occurring in 2014.

Since then, Justin Bieber has moved on and is now married to model Hailey Baldwin. Selena Gomez has also moved on and is currently dating singer The Weeknd.

Despite their tumultuous relationship, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have remained friends and have even been seen out together on occasion. While it’s clear that the two still care for each other, it’s unlikely that they will ever get back together or that Justin will ever propose to Selena.

By Influencer Magazine UK