India has a princess, and her name is Akshita Bhanj Deo. She is a descendant of India’s Bhanja dynasty and Nepal’s royal family. Akshita was born and raised in India, and attended college in the United States. After college, she returned to her home state of Odisha to help her sister restore a family palace.

Akshita’s family has a long and storied history in India. The Bhanja dynasty is believed to have been founded in the 10th century, and ruled over parts of Odisha until the mid-18th century. The family is also related to the royal family of Nepal, and Akshita is a distant cousin of the current King of Nepal.

Akshita has embraced her royal heritage, and is dedicated to preserving the history and culture of her family. She is currently working with her sister to restore the family palace, which was built in the 19th century. The palace is an important part of the Bhanja dynasty’s legacy, and Akshita is determined to ensure that it is preserved for future generations.

Akshita is also an advocate for women’s rights, and is a vocal supporter of the #MeToo movement. She is an active member of the Indian Women’s Rights Council, and has spoken out against gender-based violence and discrimination.

Akshita is a role model for young women in India, and is an inspiration to many. She is a reminder that royalty can still exist in modern India, and that it is possible to be both a princess and a powerful advocate for change.

Akshita is set to marry her fiancé, Prince Karan Singh, on 26th January 2022. The wedding is sure to be a grand affair, and will be a celebration of India’s royal heritage.

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