The Bennifer romance first began when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez met on the set of the mobster comedy Gigli in 2001. The two quickly became an item and were seen together in public and on the red carpet, leading to the media dubbing them “Bennifer”.

However, the couple would split up only three years later in 2004. Reports suggest that the couple’s split was due to the fact that they had different visions for their future together. Allegedly, Ben wanted to settle down and start a family, while Jennifer was more focused on her career.

The split was not the end of the Bennifer romance, however. The couple reunited in 2005 and got engaged, but eventually called off the engagement in early 2004. The two were once again seen together in public, but the relationship did not last.

The Bennifer romance was a major media event and the couple’s split was widely reported. Despite the fact that the couple could not make it work the first time, they remain friends and have both moved on with their lives. Ben is now married to actress Jennifer Garner and the couple have three children together. Jennifer has also moved on and is currently engaged to former baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

It seems that the Bennifer romance was not meant to be the first time around, but the couple remain on good terms and have both found happiness in their own lives.

By Influencer Magazine UK