The world was abuzz with the news that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were rekindling their romance. The couple, who first met in 2002 and were engaged in 2003, had broken off their engagement and split in 2004.

However, it seems that the couple’s reunion was short-lived. In a recent interview, Lopez revealed that the couple had called off their wedding plans, saying “It was the biggest heartbreak of my life.”

The couple had been spotted out and about together in Los Angeles, sparking speculation that they were back together. They were also seen attending church together and had even gone on a romantic getaway to Montana.

However, it appears that the couple had a change of heart and decided to call off the wedding. Lopez revealed that she and Affleck had “realized that we were better as friends” and that “we’re still really good friends.”

The couple’s fans were disappointed by the news, but Lopez said that she and Affleck had made the right decision. She said that “it’s important to take time to really think about what you want in life and what’s important to you.”

It seems that Lopez and Affleck have put their past behind them and are focusing on their friendship. While their romance may have been short-lived, it appears that the couple is still on good terms.

By Influencer Magazine UK