On April 8, Amber Heard welcomed a new addition to her family: Oonagh, a baby girl born with the help of a surrogate. Friends of the actress have revealed that the decision to use a surrogate was made after Heard was told she would never be able to carry her own baby.

Heard, who is best known for her roles in Aquaman and Justice League, has been open about her struggles with endometriosis, a condition that affects the reproductive system and can cause infertility. After years of trying to conceive naturally, Heard was told that her chances of carrying a baby were slim.

This heartbreaking news led Heard to explore other options, and she eventually decided to use a surrogate. After a lengthy process, she was finally able to welcome Oonagh into the world.

Heard has been vocal about her struggles with infertility, and has used her platform to raise awareness about the condition. She has also been open about her decision to use a surrogate, and has expressed her gratitude for the woman who helped her bring Oonagh into the world.

Heard has not revealed any further details about Oonagh, such as whether she was adopted or born through a surrogacy arrangement. However, it is clear that she is thrilled to have welcomed a new addition to her family.

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