If you’ve ever wanted to give your Amazon Echo device a more personal touch, you can now rename Alexa to whatever you like. This is a great way to make your device feel more like a part of the family, and it’s easy to do.

To rename Alexa, first open the Alexa app on your phone or tablet. Then select Devices, followed by Echo & Alexa. From there, select your device, and then select Edit Name. You’ll be prompted to enter a new name for your device.

Once you’ve chosen a new name, you’ll need to confirm it. Alexa will then respond with a confirmation message, letting you know that the new name has been saved. From then on, whenever you address Alexa, you’ll need to use the new name.

It’s important to note that you can only rename Alexa once. If you decide you don’t like the new name, you’ll need to contact Amazon customer service to have it changed back.

Renaming Alexa is a great way to make your device feel more personal and give it a unique touch. With just a few simple steps, you can easily give your Alexa a new name and make it feel like part of the family.

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