Harry Potter fans around the world rejoiced when it was revealed that Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley got married. Although we don’t know exactly when the two tied the knot, we can make an educated guess based on when their first child was born.

Ginny was 22 and Harry was 23 when their first child, James Sirius Potter, was born. This means that they likely got married a year or two earlier than that. In comparison, Hermione and Ron had their first child when they were 25.

The couple had three more children after James, Albus Severus Potter, Lily Luna Potter, and Hugo Weasley. They all attended Hogwarts and followed in their parents’ footsteps by joining Gryffindor House.

Harry and Ginny’s marriage was a long time coming. They had been friends since they were children and had a brief relationship during their fifth year at Hogwarts. After that, they went their separate ways, but eventually found their way back to each other.

It is clear that Harry and Ginny had a strong connection from the start, and their marriage was a testament to that. They were able to overcome all of the obstacles that life threw at them and come out stronger than ever.

The couple’s relationship was an inspiration to fans everywhere, and their marriage was a beautiful moment in the Harry Potter universe. We may never know the exact date that Harry and Ginny got married, but we can be sure that it was a beautiful day that was filled with love and joy.

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