Are Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner Married?

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have been in a relationship since 2017 and have been the subject of much speculation regarding their relationship status. In February 2019, Jenner set the record straight in an interview with Paper magazine, saying that they are not engaged or married and that when it happens, she would let her fans know.

The couple has a daughter, Stormi, who was born in February 2018. Since then, the couple has been spotted together at various events and have even been seen wearing matching jewelry. This has led to speculation that the couple may be married, but Jenner has not commented on the rumors.

Despite not being married, the couple appears to be very much in love. They often post photos of each other on social media and are seen out and about together. They have also collaborated on music, with Scott producing some of Jenner’s songs.

While the couple may not be married, they have certainly taken their relationship to the next level. They have a daughter together and appear to be very committed to each other. Whether they decide to tie the knot or not, it is clear that they are in a committed relationship.

For now, Jenner and Scott are content to enjoy their relationship and focus on raising their daughter. When they do decide to get married, Jenner has promised to let her fans know. Until then, the couple will continue to enjoy their relationship and share their love with the world.

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