Dua Lipa’s Interaction with Ambitious Busker at Glastonbury Goes Viral


“I love it, mate, so good,” says Dua Lipa, yet her body language seemed to tell a different story when an enthusiastic busker insisted on playing his song for her at Glastonbury.

Camden busker Liam C, determined and confident, saw an opportunity when he encountered Glastonbury’s Friday night headliner, Dua Lipa, over the weekend. Mustering up the courage, he approached her and requested 30 seconds of her time to listen to one of his original songs. Despite the impromptu performance and the somewhat uncomfortable setting, Lipa agreed.

Though the encounter was far from an ideal artist-audience scenario, Lipa patiently listened and concluded with a polite, “I love it, mate, so good.” But Liam wasn’t finished. Pushing his luck, he asked for a goodbye hug, which Lipa also graciously granted before making her escape.

Reactions to the video have been mixed. Some admire Liam’s boldness, while others feel it was inappropriate to approach Lipa with a camera during her downtime. Nonetheless, Lipa’s professionalism shone through, and the video has brought Liam his moment in the spotlight. How long this newfound fame will last, however, is uncertain.


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