Delta Flight Makes Emergency Landing in New York Due to Contaminated Food

Delta Airlines flight 136 from Detroit to Amsterdam made an emergency touchdown in New York after a few passengers ate spoiled meals. The plane, wearing 277 people, diverted to John F. Kennedy International Airport. The airline is investigating how the food have become contaminated and apologized for the inconvenience.


A Delta Airlines flight had to make an emergency touchdown in New York because passengers have been served spoiled food. The flight, an A330 aircraft with 277 passengers, took off from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport simply before 11 pm on Tuesday. It changed into imagined to go to Amsterdam however turned into diverted to John F. Kennedy International Airport after it turned into located that some meals in the essential cabin had been spoiled.

The plane changed into flying over Saint Pierre and Miquelon, that is a group of French islands south of Newfoundland, Canada, while the team determined to trade course. They consulted with health workers before finding out to land the plane as a precaution.

Delta Airlines has now not shared how they observed out about the spoiled meals. They also have not stated what number of passengers ate the tainted food or if all people showed symptoms of food poisoning.


The plane landed thoroughly at JFK at four am on July three. According to the Fire Department of New York, twelve passengers have been checked by way of scientific groups but selected not to visit the health center.

Delta Airlines is now looking into the incident to find out how the food became spoiled. They have additionally apologized to the passengers for the trouble. In a statement, the airline stated, “Delta flight 136 from Detroit to Amsterdam diverted to New York’s JFK early Wednesday morning after reviews that a part of the Main Cabin in-flight meal service was spoiled. Medical crews met the plane to deal with any affected passengers and crew participants. Delta’s Food Safety group has engaged our providers to without delay isolate the product and launch radical research into the incident. This isn’t the service Delta is understood for, and we genuinely make an apology to our customers for the inconvenience and put off in their travels.”

Delta is thought for appropriate carrier, so this incident may be very unusual for them. They are operating hard to discover what went wrong and to make certain it doesn’t occur again. Meanwhile, passengers who have been at the flight are being helped with the aid of the airline to retain their adventure competently.


The incident has raised concerns approximately airline meals safety. Delta is taking this very significantly and is operating with their food providers to save you similar issues within the future. They have promised to maintain their customers up to date on the investigation.

In end, the Delta flight from Detroit to Amsterdam needed to land in New York due to the fact a few meals had been spoiled. Although no passengers required medical institution care, the airline is investigating the motive and has apologized for the inconvenience. Delta targets to resolve the issue quickly to make certain the protection and pleasure in their passengers.


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