Celtic’s Share Price Soars to 23-year High

The share rate of Celtic Football Club has touched 192p this week, a 23-year high.   The strongest domestic performance has been by Celtic to prove they are in excellent financially healthy state.   Expert analysis states that with recent increasing Champions League Layout and record turnovers, these could turn in to full-size elements.


Celtic has for over twenty years now been under the supreme command of dominance over all its rivals and breaking several records. This successful era started with the advent of Martin O’Neill as the manager and with the signing of top players like Chris Sutton, Neil Lennon, and John Hartson. Under his reign, Celtic won lot of trophies.

Since 2000, the following sensational victories were achieved by Celtic: 18 times champion of the league, won 12 Scottish Cups, and 10 League Cups, including two times 9-in-a-row series and an exquisite Quadruple Treble. The performances of the club on the ground have been charismatic.

Also off the pitch, it’s all good with Celtic. The percentage price hit 192p this week, the very best since December 2000 when it won to 188.39p. This broad rise is indicative of the potent financial role this club has played.

The last time it reached that high was in December 2000. The financial growth is, though, due to many reasons – the success on the pitch with loads of trophies for company and the monetary award along with it.

To know more about this extension and to celebrate it better, we held a chat with football finance expert Adam Williams for a few statements. He shared lines that the talks existed previously for an all-British league in 2021 and that the percentage price shot up although he added such news now didn’t help in the current extension.


Williams pointed out, “The revamped Champions League format, which is commercially better, is also going to be a factor.” Such a new format is much expected and now identified by the market. A quite stellar monetary performance off the field supports this upward rise for Celtic.

First-team receipts last year were said to be a record turnover of £119.3 million, 35.8% up on the former. The operating profits have been declared to be £40.7 million against the paltry £6.1 million in 2022. Furthermore, Celtic has a firm cash balance of over £72 million.

Those splurging ways have given the Celtics a skyline of silverware since Dermot Desmond – seen here at the Celtic vs. St Mirren game at Celtic Park 20th May 2023 – became the personification of the club’s wealthy nation; in the eyes of Celtic, the financial triumph is a direct result of success on the field.


Conclusion Conclusion’s profit margin in Celtic is presently at a 23-year high due to the fact that they have continued to succeed in football and do well in managing their money. Just as important to this fine financial success is the improved format of a Champions League and file turnovers that have heightened the interest among ordinary men to use more cash in games.

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