All About Restaurant Tabletops

RestrurantFurniture.Net: We recently introduced our solid wood table tops, so it would be appropriate to develop this comprehensive guide to provide clients with all the necessary information.

Our high-quality solid wood worktops for our wooden table tops are now available in oak. Still, bespoke requests may be accommodated if you’re interested in anything else from our extensive selection.

Which Shape Suits Best

Our solid oak restaurant table tops, which come in rectangular (995 x 620), square (620 mm²), and circular (620 mm diameter) designs, are the perfect surface for eateries, bars, cafés, and many residential uses.

Proprietor of a café? Try one of our round table tops; the natural material and lovely wood texture go great with organic drinks and sweets.

In charge of a restaurant? Solid oak table tops offer diners more room than a typical square table and convey elegance and craftsmanship.

Are you proud to own a pub or bar? If lacquered, our square table tops will look fantastic outside in spring and summer. Think about using them for booths and standing-only portions of the bar. If you’re searching for something more unique, our talented fabrication team can design nearly any bespoke size and form. We provide top-notch work in a short amount of time.

All three of our oak table tops are available in 20mm or 40mm broad stave construction and come standard at 40mm thick. Each surface comprises staves, which are distinct pieces of wood that are then cut to size to produce a variety of table tops.

The 20mm stave table tops are affordable and have a distinctive design that looks amazing in various settings. Alternately, the broader 40mm staves give you plenty of areas to display the lovely color and texture of the oak wood.

Your choice mainly depends on your preferences, so we don’t restrict your alternatives. Why not ask us to make table tops out of a Deluxe or complete stave worktop structure if you don’t like solid oak table tops? A tabletop for a restaurant, bar, or café might be made from any of the lovely woods in our selection.

Tabletop Finishing

Our restaurant table tops are often delivered in an untreated but sanded form. We advise using Rustins Danish Oil, a rich finishing oil suitable for use around food, and it makes the wood water-resistant and nicely brings out the color of the original wood.

Alternatively, you might lacquer your table tops to give them an incredibly durable clear coating that offers a shinier sheen than Danish oil and is quite simple to maintain in high-traffic areas. We may offer a custom fabrication service to pre-oil or laminate the worktops for you before delivery, depending on the finish you choose. Don’t hesitate to contact our fabrication team to review your alternatives if this appeals to you.

Maintaining Table Tops

Routine maintenance should be done once your table tops are set up, but it is pretty simple. If you have chosen to treat your tabletop with oil, you must reapply it often during the first six weeks following installation and then around every three to six months after that, depending on wear. If you choose a lacquered finish, it won’t often need to be redone (apart from in really high-wear situations), but it must be kept free of dust, food scraps, and other debris to stay in the most remarkable shape. To get rid of stubborn stains, we advise using warm, soapy water mixed with a tiny amount of white vinegar and lemon juice.

One significant aspect of wood is that it can be readily sanded and refinished if your solid wood table tops happen to have any more deeply embedded stains. For keeping oiled table tops, we supply a Rustins Worktop Maintenance Kit.

We hope that you have found all the information you need in this guide, but keep in mind that, should you still want to examine a sample of our solid wood surfaces up close before making a purchase, we also provide a sample service that covers every single one of our wood species.

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