UK PM Rishi Sunak: Resignation Not Considered

Rishi Sunak, the British Prime Minister, has stated that he has not contemplated resigning, even after a series of mistakes in his election campaign, including his controversial decision to leave the D-Day commemorations early last week, which led to a public apology.

When asked by broadcasters on Monday if he had thought about quitting, Sunak responded, “No, of course not.” He emphasized his commitment to his vision for the country, stating, “I am energised about the vision we are putting forward for the country. This campaign is not even halfway through yet.”

Sunak refuted the idea that he had considered resigning before polling day, despite the criticism aimed at the Conservative campaign. “The reality is I’m not going to stop going, I’m not going to stop fighting for people’s votes, I’m not going to stop fighting for the future of our country,” he affirmed.

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Helen Morgan, the Liberal Democrat local government spokeswoman, commented on the situation, saying, “This is rock bottom for Rishi Sunak. A Conservative leader having to rule out resigning before election day shows that the wheels have completely come off the Conservative campaign.”

The controversy began when Sunak left the D-Day commemorations at Ver-sur-Mer early. The event, attended by the Prime Minister and King Charles, was followed by an international commemoration on Omaha Beach, attended by global leaders including US President Joe Biden. Sunak left before this part of the event, delegating his duties to Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron. In contrast, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer remained until the end of the commemoration.

Following the backlash, Sunak issued an apology on Friday, acknowledging that it was a mistake not to attend the entire event. He explained that his itinerary for D-Day had been planned “weeks ago” and noted that he had also participated in other events with veterans, including one in Portsmouth.

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