Taylor Swift Fans Outraged Over £660 VIP Tickets with ‘Restricted View’ at Liverpool Concert

A pair of Taylor Swift fans were left fuming after being sold £660 VIP tickets with a ‘restricted view’ at her Liverpool Eras concert at Anfield stadium on Thursday.

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One of the attendees, Zella, expressed her frustration on TikTok, sharing a video that quickly gained over half a million views. “Paid £660 for VIP seats and this is our view. We asked and they won’t move us,” she wrote, showing a large tent and technical equipment obstructing the stage.


Fellow fans advised her to ask again, but Zella explained that the show was sold out, leaving no available seats to move to. Fortunately, the situation improved as she later revealed that she and a friend were given better seats, allowing them to enjoy the concert. “Thank you to everyone for the support and kindness! We had an amazing time in the end,” she shared.


During the concert, Taylor, 34, praised the dedication of the 53,000-strong crowd who braved the rain to watch her perform the 100th show of her Eras Tour, breaking the all-time attendance record for Anfield Stadium.

However, Zella wasn’t the only disappointed fan. Others took to social media to voice their dissatisfaction with their seating arrangements. One fan, using the handle @shugartickz, posted a photo on X (formerly Twitter) showing their obstructed view from behind the stage. They acknowledged that their £60 ticket was relatively cheap but still criticized the venue for selling such seats.

Social media users were quick to slam the venue, with comments such as:

  • “What’s the point in going?”
  • “Should be illegal that ‘view ‘imagine that.”
  • “This makes me feel so much better now at having to sell mine last night.”
  • “Disney plus for two years would’ve been cheaper and you can actually watch the concert!!!”

Many fans who purchased the ‘It’s Been A Long Time Coming Package’ for £662, plus fees, expecting an “unforgettable reserved seated ticket” were disappointed to find their views obstructed by tents or positioned to the side. Holly Evans, 29, shared a video on TikTok showing her seat blocked by barriers and tents, stating it was a “great show” but she couldn’t “see Taylor.”

Another fan, Sinead Fitz, described being “scammed” by Ticketmaster, as she was given obstructed view seats twice. Despite contacting Ticketmaster in March about her concerns, she was moved to another obstructed seat upon arrival at the venue.

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