Stop Swiping: London Dating app Fate Launching This September

Transform Your Love Life with Fate: Launching in London This September


Forget the endless swiping! Fate, a groundbreaking new dating app, is set to launch in London this September, promising to transform the way singles connect.

Interview with Rakesh Naidu, Founder of Fate

Rakesh Naidu, Founder of Fate

 Q: Tell us about yourself?

Rakesh Naidu: Having read 40-50 books on dating psychology, I monetised this knowledge through a YouTube channel, Ace Attraction, offering relationship support. I amassed millions of views but fell out of love with repeating myself, my advice was temporarily helpful but didn’t address the route of the problem, who and why they chose the person they were having issues with.

After moving back into tech sales and selling $5.5M in AI solutions since 2023, I sought a way to combine my love for dating psychology and skillset in using AI to solve issues, leading to the creation of Fate.”

Q: What inspired the creation of Fate?

Rakesh Naidu: “The idea for Fate came from common frustrations with traditional dating apps. They often focus too much on superficial aspects. Some of the better ones allow for more personalised profiles through prompts, personality types and Instagram connectors but then fall flat by allowing users to swipe anyway.

This reinforced decision fatigue and reverts users back to their instincts of swiping on a visual basis.

We wanted to create a platform that prioritises deeper connections by understanding users’ personalities and preferences through an AI-powered onboarding. 

Q: How does Fate’s AI onboarding chat enhance compatibility?

Rakesh Naidu: “Our AI, known as Fate, asks insightful questions to uncover your values, interests, and deal-breakers. You can engage with Fate conversationally—no more boring pre-sign-up surveys. This helps us build a comprehensive profile that goes beyond surface-level traits, ensuring more meaningful matches. According to a Mintel study, 55% of UK adults believe compatibility is more important than appearance in finding a partner. Fate combines both by using an ELO score to understand physical attraction through user interactions, and placing a stronger emphasis on personality similarities to create truly meaningful matches.”


Q: Can you explain how the card ranking system works after the onboarding process?

Rakesh Naidu: “After Fate understands you through our AI-powered chat, she hands you your cards of fate—six users ranked in order of compatibility. Here’s a quick overview:

– Fate Match: Your best-matched profile according to your personality and preferences.

– King/Queen, Jack, 10: Matches in decreasing order of compatibility.

– Anonymous Match: Your fifth most compatible match remains incognito for 48 hours, creating anticipation.

– Joker: Your least compatible match, challenging you to step out of your comfort zone.”


Q: How does the ‘Fate Connection Roulette’ feature work?

Rakesh Naidu: “Fate Connection Roulette lets users engage in a 10-minute phone call with other compatible users, although without seeing the other person’s profile. After the chat, they can choose to reveal eachothere profile by swapping it with one of their existing matches. It adds an element of surprise and excitement to the dating experience.”


Q: Could you elaborate on the ‘Joker’ match concept?

Rakesh Naidu: “The ‘Joker’ match is about embracing the unexpected. Sometimes, the person who seems least likely to be a match on paper can surprise you. This feature encourages users to step out of their comfort zones and explore new possibilities, while also teaching Fate more about what you like and don’t like. Remember the more information Fate has on you, the better your in app experience will be!”


Q: What feedback mechanisms are in place to improve user experience?

Rakesh Naidu: “We offer a feedback system where users can provide reasons for disqualifying matches. This helps Fate learn and refine future matches, improving the chances of finding a compatible partner. A recent survey showed that 70% of UK singles appreciate feedback to improve their dating profiles and experiences.”


Q: How do you envision the future of Fate?

Rakesh Naidu: “We envision Fate evolving into a platform that not only facilitates romantic connections but also, through analyzing billions of conversations and their outcomes, develops the leading language model globally for conversational fluency. This will enable us to assist individuals who struggle with socializing by providing them with enhanced communication skills.” “

Q: What makes Fate different from other dating apps?

Rakesh Naidu: “Fate is designed to go beyond the superficial. Our AI, Fate and unique card ranking system ensure that users are matched based on deeper compatibility. We aim to make the dating process more personalized and enjoyable. According to recent data, 55% of UK singles feel overwhelmed by the options on traditional dating apps, and Fate addresses this by curating a limited, high-quality match pool.”

Q: Can you tell us about the pricing and premium features?

Rakesh Naidu: “Fate is free to use, but for £15 a month—about a third of the price of our competitors’ top packages—users can receive weekly feedback on why they’re being disqualified, get more matches, quicker reallocation of disqualified matches, a common hobby conversation prompt to reignite dull chats, and a Joker card to take a shot at someone else’s match pool.”

Mark Your Calendar for September! There is an evolution in the way you find love, and it’s called Fate. Early sign-ups are now open; 3 months of Gold Membership for Free! Check it out:

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