Snap Launches AI Tools for Advanced Augmented Reality

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Snapchat owner, Snap, announced on Tuesday, June 18, that its latest GenAI technology will offer users more realistic filters and effects for self-recordings. The new tools aim to enhance the augmented reality (AR) experience on Snapchat, with users gaining access to advanced AR special effects, known as lenses, in the coming months.

New Developments in AR Technology

Snap, which pioneered the AR filter craze with the launch of Snapchat in 2011, also unveiled an updated version of its AR studio, Lens Studio. This platform allows developers to create sophisticated AR features for use within the Snapchat app or on other websites. The new version of Lens Studio includes GenAI tools, featuring an AI assistant to support developers and artists in their creative processes. Additionally, developers can use GenAI to generate images via text prompts, which can then be incorporated into AR filters.

Enhancing Creativity and Efficiency

Bobby Murphy, Snapchat’s Chief Technology Officer, highlighted the dual benefits of the new tools: expanding the creative possibilities for users while simplifying the creation process. “What’s fun for us is that these tools both stretch the creative space in which people can work, but they’re also easy to use, so newcomers can build something unique very quickly,” Murphy said. He emphasized that the new GenAI tools would significantly reduce the time required to develop AR content.

Strategic Importance of AR

Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snap, identified AR as one of the company’s three strategic priorities, alongside revenue growth and community growth. During Snap’s quarterly earnings call in April, Spiegel highlighted the substantial impact of Snap’s AR products and services. More than 350,000 developers currently use Lens Studio, and over 70% of new Snapchat users engage with AR on their first day using the app.

Future Prospects

With the integration of GenAI tools, Snap is poised to further solidify its leadership in the AR space. These advancements are expected to attract both seasoned developers and newcomers, fostering a vibrant community of creators and enhancing the overall user experience on Snapchat.


1. What new AR features is Snap introducing?

Snap is introducing advanced AR special effects and filters, known as lenses, powered by its latest GenAI technology. These features will offer more realistic and creative AR experiences for users.

2. What is Lens Studio, and what new tools does it include?

Lens Studio is Snap’s platform for developers to create AR features. The updated version includes GenAI tools and an AI assistant to help developers and artists, as well as the ability to generate images via text prompts for use in AR filters.

3. How will the new GenAI tools benefit developers?

The GenAI tools will expand the creative possibilities for developers while simplifying the AR creation process. They will significantly reduce the time needed to develop AR content, making it easier for newcomers to create unique projects quickly.

4. Why is AR a strategic priority for Snap?

AR is one of Snap’s three strategic priorities, along with revenue growth and community growth. AR products and services drive significant impact and user engagement, making it a crucial area of focus for the company’s future growth.

5. How popular is AR among Snapchat users?

AR is highly popular among Snapchat users, with over 70% engaging with AR on their first day using the app. Additionally, more than 350,000 developers are actively using Lens Studio to create AR content.

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