Police Officers to Continue Working Despite £1m Lottery Win

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A couple who recently won £1m on the National Lottery have decided to continue working as police officers. Graeme and Katherine White have told their police supervisors that they will remain in their roles, though they plan to reduce their working hours.

Graeme White explained their decision by saying, “We both enjoy what we do,” emphasizing the couple’s commitment to their profession. He also highlighted the importance of setting a positive example for their children, saying, “I also think it’s important for the children to see us working to instil a good work ethic.”

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The Whites, who live in Cambridgeshire and have two children, plan to use their winnings to buy a house in the countryside and take a family trip to Disneyland. Reflecting on the moment they discovered their win, Mr. White, 35, admitted that his 36-year-old wife was initially skeptical. Known for his sense of humor, he said, “With us both being police officers we see lots of scams so we were a touch suspicious. Things like this don’t happen to people like us, it just couldn’t be real.”

The couple was out shopping when they received the call confirming their EuroMillions win on 7 May. Mr. White recalled, “I looked at Katherine and she whooped and then welled up. I don’t know what the other shoppers must have made of us.” The couple’s joy and disbelief were evident as they processed the life-changing news.

With their new fortune, the Whites are looking forward to improving their work-life balance. They plan to buy a Labrador puppy for their five-year-old daughter and three-year-old son. “We always wanted to live somewhere rural with plenty of outdoor space for the children – and so we could keep some chickens and goats,” Mr. White said. The win has accelerated their long-term plans, turning what was once a 20-year dream into a reality within just 12 months.

The Whites’ decision to continue working despite their newfound wealth underscores their dedication to their jobs and their desire to maintain normalcy for their family. Their story has resonated with many, showing that even with a significant financial windfall, some values, like work ethic and community service, remain steadfast.

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