Man Spending $2 Million to Reverse Aging Claims His Birthday Now Comes Every 19 Months

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Tech entrepreneur Bryan Johnson, renowned for his focus on longevity research, has shared intriguing data suggesting a potential slowdown in his biological aging process. According to Johnson, his analysis indicates that his biological age advances at a rate of approximately 19 months for every 12 chronological months, a claim that has garnered significant attention within the anti-aging community.

In a post on X, Johnson declared, “My new record: 0.64 pace-of-aging. My birthday is now every 19 months. Previously I built Braintree Venmo, now I build human, with a goal to slow and reverse aging. Nutrition is a power law of anti-aging. This is what I eat every day. You can too.”

Johnson elaborated in a video statement, saying, “I’ve been trying to reduce my speed of aging, and I just achieved a personal best – 0.64. That roughly means that for every 12 months that pass, I only age for 7.6 months.”

At 46, Johnson, known for his Project Blueprint focused on longevity research, claims his health markers indicate a younger biological age. He attributes this to a substantial annual investment exceeding $2 million in his anti-aging program.

Project Blueprint reportedly employs a variety of interventions to reverse Johnson’s epigenetic age, a marker of cellular aging. Johnson’s rigorous daily protocol includes a meticulously monitored, calorie-controlled diet, over 100 daily supplements, and adherence to a strict dietary plan. In a recent YouTube video (nearly 500,000 views), Johnson introduced a new addition to his regimen: high-flavonol, pure cocoa, free from heavy metals. This specific type of cocoa differs significantly from what’s typically available in supermarkets.

Johnson is no stranger to unconventional anti-aging approaches. His past ventures have included controversial blood transfusions and hair treatments. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of longevity research continues to generate significant interest.


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