Kylie Jenner Breaks Down in Tears Over ‘Old’ Comments from Trolls

In a recent episode of the reality show The Kardashians, Kylie Jenner opened up about the emotional toll of comments about her appearance. The 26-year-old media personality and beauty entrepreneur has faced public scrutiny regarding her facial features, especially since her late teens when she started getting lip fillers.


Public Scrutiny and Hurtful Comments

During Paris Fashion Week in January, Kylie was photographed wearing minimal makeup. The images quickly spread online, attracting a slew of comments, some from dermatologists and cosmetic surgery experts who speculated about her appearance. In the episode aired on Wednesday, June 19, Kylie confided in her sister Kendall Jenner, 28, about how these comments have impacted her emotionally.

“I’ve never cried about this before, but I guess it does affect me,” Kylie said through tears. Kendall responded sympathetically, “It’s OK, it would affect anyone.”

The Impact of Online Comments

Kylie continued to express her frustration: “And then I’ll see some comments, and some people will be like, ‘This is really mean,’ and defend me. ‘Why are we talking about her looks? It’s 2024.’ And then I’ll see other comments like: ‘Because she did it to herself – she f***ed up her face, she had so much surgery.’”

She emphasized that even if she had undergone significant surgery, it still doesn’t justify talking about someone’s looks. Kylie shared that she has been subjected to comments about her appearance since she was a young teenager, even before getting lip fillers. She described these discussions as “so hurtful,” mentioning how she frequently sees comments saying she looks old under her posts.

Kendall comforted her sister, saying, “I’m not even just saying this: you’ve never looked younger, and you’ve never looked better.”

Relationship with Jordyn Woods

Earlier in the series, Kylie also discussed her relationship with her former best friend Jordyn Woods. Their friendship hit a rough patch after Woods was photographed sitting on Tristan Thompson’s lap in 2019, despite Thompson being in a relationship with Kylie’s older sister Khloe Kardashian.

Kylie revealed to Khloe that she reconnected with Jordyn in Paris, stating, “I think we have a lot more healthy distance in the relationship. Now it’s like, we talk once a month.” She added that the media attention surrounding their fallout added unnecessary strain to their relationship.

“I think what I do love now is that the narrative about us online is also over,” Kylie said. “People know that we’re cool and no one’s talking about it anymore.”


Kylie Jenner’s candid discussion about the impact of online trolling sheds light on the emotional challenges faced by public figures. Despite the harsh comments, she continues to navigate her life and relationships with resilience and support from her family.


1. What comments have affected Kylie Jenner emotionally?
Kylie Jenner has been affected by comments about her appearance, particularly those suggesting she looks old or criticizing her for undergoing cosmetic procedures.

2. How did Kylie Jenner respond to the hurtful comments?
Kylie expressed her frustration and hurt, explaining that even if she had undergone significant surgery, it doesn’t justify the scrutiny and negative comments about her looks.

3. How did Kendall Jenner support her sister Kylie?
Kendall reassured Kylie by saying she has never looked younger or better, offering emotional support during the conversation.

4. What is the status of Kylie Jenner’s relationship with Jordyn Woods?
Kylie and Jordyn have reconnected and now maintain a healthier distance in their relationship, talking once a month.

5. How has media attention impacted Kylie Jenner’s relationships?
Media attention has added strain to Kylie’s relationships, particularly with Jordyn Woods, but Kylie appreciates that the narrative about their fallout is now over.


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