Elden Ring DLC Release Time: The Shadow of the Erdtree Countdown is On

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The much-anticipated DLC for Elden Ring, titled Shadow of the Erdtree, is almost here, and fans are gearing up for the new content. Players on PlayStation can pre-load the DLC 48 hours before launch, while PC and Xbox players will have to wait until the release time to start downloading.

Preparation for the DLC

Before diving into Shadow of the Erdtree, players need to complete some prerequisites. Specifically, you must defeat two significant bosses: Radahn and Mohg. While many players are familiar with the Radahn boss fight, Mohg has been causing more trouble. Publisher Bandai Namco noted that, as of a week ago, a significant percentage of players across all platforms had not yet defeated Mohg. If you’re struggling with Mohg, you can refer to various guides to help you conquer this boss and prepare for the DLC.

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Elden Ring DLC Release Times

Here’s a breakdown of the release times for Shadow of the Erdtree across different regions and platforms:

PC Release Times:

  • 3 PM PT
  • 6 PM EDT
  • 11 PM BST
  • 12 AM CEST (June 21)

These times are simultaneous worldwide, which means that while some players, particularly in America, can start playing in the afternoon or early evening, those in the UK and Europe will have to wait until late at night.

Xbox and PlayStation Release Times:

  • Midnight local time on June 21 for most regions, including the UK and Europe.
  • 9 PM PT on June 20 for those in America.
  • Midnight ET on June 21 for those on the East Coast of America.

Getting Ready

To ensure you’re ready to jump into Shadow of the Erdtree as soon as it launches, here are a few tips:

  1. Defeat Necessary Bosses: Make sure you’ve defeated Radahn and Mohg.
  2. Pre-Load (PlayStation): If you’re on PlayStation, take advantage of the 48-hour pre-load window.
  3. Update the Game: Ensure your game is up to date to avoid any delays.
  4. Clear Your Schedule: Plan your gaming time around the release schedule to make the most of the new content.

With these preparations, you’ll be all set to explore the new adventures and challenges that Shadow of the Erdtree brings to Elden Ring. Enjoy the game, and may your journey through the Lands Between be filled with epic battles and discoveries.

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