Celebrities and Business Accounts Targeted in TikTok Cyber-Attack, Includes Paris Hilton and More

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TikTok is currently addressing a cyber-attack that has targeted several high-profile brands and celebrities. The video-sharing app, owned by Chinese company ByteDance, informed the BBC that a “very limited” number of accounts had been compromised. TikTok is actively working with affected users to restore access and enhance security measures.

Among the compromised accounts is that of news outlet CNN. A TikTok spokesperson stated, “We have been collaborating closely with CNN to restore account access and implement enhanced security measures to safeguard their account moving forward. We are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the platform and will continue to monitor for any further inauthentic activity.” CNN has not yet responded to a request for comment.

The account of reality TV star Paris Hilton was also targeted, although it was not compromised. Hilton, who boasts over 10 million followers on TikTok, remains an active user of the platform.

This incident comes at a time when TikTok faces mounting scrutiny and potential bans in the US unless it is sold by its Chinese parent company. The platform, which has millions of users worldwide, has been under fire for concerns regarding the security of user data and its connections to the Chinese government. Additionally, TikTok is becoming a significant battleground in the US elections.

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Earlier this month, former President Donald Trump joined TikTok, despite his previous attempts to ban the platform on national security grounds during his presidency. Since launching his account, Trump has garnered over five million followers. He stated that he would use “every tool available to speak directly with the American people.” Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is also using the platform to campaign for re-election in November, though he has accumulated only about 350,000 followers, significantly fewer than his rival.

TikTok has not disclosed further details about the perpetrators of the cyber-attack or the methods used. The platform’s response to this security breach will be closely watched as it navigates ongoing political and security challenges.

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