Atelier des Sens Announces Global Launch of Perfumes Inspired by Antiquity and Mythology


Luxurious, niche fragrances for men and women crafted in Grasse, France create the perfect olfactory experience

GRASSE, FRANCE – June 9, 2024 – Atelier des Sens announced today the official launch of its exquisite extrait de parfum line. Handcrafted in the sunny region of Grasse in the South of France, using only the highest quality ingredients, each elite fragrance is dedicated as a tribute to divine power and timeless elegance.

“Our workshop is more than a mere fragrance-making haven,” said Andrei Vlad, the Atelier’s owner, perfume artist, and CEO. “Atelier des Sens is a sanctuary where immortal emotions come to life.”

Andrei explained, “Our fragrances are skillful blends created in the spirit of olfactory art. Inspiration for the fragrances is drawn from antiquity, epic tales, and the legends of mythological gods.”

The three inaugural perfumes in the Atelier des Sens line are called Zino, Rozzo and Spiros.

  • Zino evokes the Aegean Sea with notes of tobacco, honey, white flowers, and cherry.
  • Rozzo celebrates the “duality of existence,” adds Andrei. “It captures the essence of a lingering kiss with notes of peach, oud, and roses.
  • Spiros is a happy symphony of life’s joyous moments, with refreshing and comforting watermelon, amber, vanilla, amberwood and cinnamon.

Atelier des Sens captures the imagination with a deeply personal sensory experience. The perfumes are inspirational and evoke deep, soothing memories.

The bottles are beautiful, and each holds a special elixir “Perfumes were developed for people searching for exceptional and rare perfumes developed in the high perfumery region of Grasse adding the modernity of digital innovation,” said Vlad.

Vlad is dedicated to creating fragrances with stories that capture the imagination. He added, “our scents take you on a unique journey. We promise you enchanting emotions, moments of pure joy, and olfactory memories that last a lifetime.”

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