Anticipation Soars as Scottish Swifties Prepare for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Edinburgh

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Excitement is reaching a fever pitch as more than 200,000 Taylor Swift fans are set to converge on Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh for her highly anticipated Eras tour concerts on June 7, 8, and 9. The build-up to these sold-out performances has been marked by a flurry of activities, including the decoding of the singer’s hidden song messages online, pre-parties, and a host of enthusiastic preparations.

Carla McCormack, a dedicated fan, shared her excitement, saying, “As a Swiftie in Scotland, it’s just really exciting to have her coming here first.” Last month, McCormack taught an introductory evening class about Swift at Glasgow Clyde College, aimed at helping parents and other companions understand what to expect from the Eras experience. “It’s a different level in terms of concertgoing,” she explained. “There will be people who have spent a lot of money on tickets and don’t know what to expect.”

In her class, students were taught the customary audience responses for the tour, such as chanting “Taylor you’ll be fine” during a specific line in “Anti-Hero,” and raising hands in a heart shape during “Fearless.” McCormack also provided a rundown of significant events in Taylor Swift’s career, including her public disputes with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, her history of re-recording albums due to issues with Scooter Braun, and a brief on her notable ex-boyfriends.

Another avid fan, Elena Soper, is looking forward to the diversity of the crowd at the Edinburgh shows. “We saw how difficult it was to get tickets to shows in the US, so when they went on sale for the European tour, people went a bit wild and registered for lots of dates just in case. I know people coming from Paris and Poland as well as Scots,” she noted. Speculation is rife among fans about a potential “big announcement” during one of the Edinburgh shows, possibly involving the release of another re-recorded album.

Local businesses and attractions are also getting into the spirit of the event. Scots-Italian ice-cream maker Equi’s has introduced a special Swiftie Swirl flavor for the occasion. Edinburgh’s Camera Obscura has dedicated a giant kaleidosphere to Swift, and Tynecastle Park, near Murrayfield, will host all-ages Swiftie Bingo sessions. To accommodate the influx of visitors, Edinburgh city council has arranged for marshals equipped with mobile phone chargers to assist concertgoers, and local residents have been informed about road closures around the stadium.

Despite the excitement, the event has also brought some challenges. Accommodation prices have surged, with hotels, B&Bs, and short-let flats fully booked months in advance and single-night rates increasing by nearly 50%. This situation was underscored by reports from BBC Scotland that several homeless people were relocated to Aberdeen and Glasgow due to a shortage of local accommodation. The housing charity Shelter criticized this move as a “blatant injustice,” highlighting the competition between tourists and homeless individuals for available places to stay. Edinburgh city council stated that they are working to find appropriate alternative accommodation for those affected.

Dave Fawbert, the creator of the UK-wide Swiftageddon club night, will be hosting pre-parties in Edinburgh. He remarked that the Eras tour represents a significant moment for Taylor Swift and her fans. “It has been this perfect storm – for Taylor herself, it’s a victory lap for her 20-year career, after she belatedly got the critical acclaim she deserved, and it’s her first tour since Reputation in 2018,” he said. “For the fans, people are still coming out of the pandemic and everyone is looking for shared experiences. This is the biggest thing I’ve seen since the heyday of Michael Jackson in the late 80s and early 90s. It’s a joyous moment and people are ready to celebrate and go mad for a month.”

As the concert dates draw nearer, the excitement and anticipation among Scottish Swifties are palpable. The combination of Taylor Swift’s global appeal, the elaborate preparations by local businesses, and the sheer scale of the event promises an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

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