SIA CEO Praises Staff, Urges Calm and Seeking Support After Turbulence Incident

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Singapore Airlines’ chief executive officer, Goh Choon Phong, has been at the forefront of managing the aftermath of a severe turbulence incident that occurred on May 21 involving flight SQ321. In a message circulated to staff on May 26, the same day the affected Boeing B777-ER was flown back to Singapore, Mr. Goh thanked his team and acknowledged the anxiety many were feeling. He encouraged them to rest and spend time with loved ones, recognizing the immense challenges faced by everyone at Singapore Airlines following the extreme turbulence encountered over the Irrawaddy Basin.

“The last five days have been immensely challenging for everyone at Singapore Airlines following the extreme turbulence encountered on board flight SQ321 over the Irrawaddy Basin on Tuesday, 21 May, which very sadly resulted in one fatality and multiple serious injuries,” he wrote. He extended his deepest condolences to the family of the deceased, emphasizing the airline’s collective grief.

Mr. Goh praised the agility, dedication, and team spirit displayed during this crisis. He highlighted the swift actions taken by the crisis management team based in Singapore, as well as the mobilization of resources and medical teams by the Bangkok station and their local partners to receive the aircraft. A Go-Team, comprising first responders and staff volunteers from Singapore, was quickly dispatched to Bangkok to provide additional support.

The turbulence struck flight SQ321 from London to Singapore as it approached Myanmar around 4:30 pm on May 21. This tragic incident resulted in the death of one passenger from a heart attack and left several dozen others injured. The plane diverted to Bangkok soon after the incident, where many passengers remain hospitalized. Mr. Goh, who has been visiting injured passengers in Bangkok, mentioned that a relief flight carrying 131 passengers and 12 crew members from SQ321, who were cleared to travel, landed in Singapore on May 22 early in the morning. He detailed the efforts made to assist these passengers upon arrival in Singapore, ensuring their smooth clearance and onward journey.

In Bangkok, volunteer customer care representatives from around the world have been providing direct support to the hospitalized passengers, their families, and loved ones. Mr. Goh acknowledged the extensive involvement of SIA staff across the global network in handling on-ground communications, follow-up checks, and logistics. He commended the relentless efforts and dedication shown by the entire SIA team during this intense period, thanking them on behalf of the SIA board and management team.

Mr. Goh also stressed the importance of self-care, urging staff to take care of their physical and mental well-being. “As we continue to provide attentive care to the affected passengers and crew members, please take care of yourselves and your health. Your physical and mental well-being are extremely important. When you get a chance, please rest and spend some time with your loved ones.”

He shared that passengers had praised the SIA crew for their selfless assistance despite their own injuries, and the pilots for safely diverting and landing the aircraft in Bangkok. He reassured injured crew members that the company would continue to support them as they recover.

Mr. Goh encouraged staff needing additional support to reach out to their managers or use SIA’s internal resources, reaffirming that the company stands by them. “We are here for you. Your commitment to our customers, colleagues, and the company truly reflects the Singapore Airlines spirit. I am immensely proud and honored to be leading the SIA family.”

The CEO’s heartfelt message aims to bolster the morale of the staff, emphasizing solidarity and support during this challenging time. The incident underscores the importance of teamwork and resilience within the airline, as they continue to prioritize the safety and well-being of both passengers and employees.

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