easyJet Rolls Out Flights to France and Spain Holiday Destinations

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UK tourists looking to visit Spain or France have just gotten an easier path to their next holiday. British airline group easyJet has added new flight packages to Sitges and Corsica. Travelers can start their journey from Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, and Newcastle and head to their holiday of choice. 

Sitges is a popular beach and clubbing hotspot in Spain, perfect for holidaymakers seeking out the culture and sunshine of the Spanish peninsula. It is also one of the biggest hubs for LGBTQ+-friendly sites and activities. For those wanting a relaxing vacation beneath the greenery of pine forests and stunning mountain views, the French island of Corsica is the package on offer. 

Flying with easyJet

These new holiday spots add more destinations to an already robust selection of locations within easyJet’s packages. The carrier earned its reputation as a low-cost option, providing cheap flights and hotel packages to customers across Europe and beyond for a fraction of the price other transport options provide. Spain and France also had other fantastic travel spots within easyJet’s system before adding travel itineraries to these two new islands, such as the famous and culturally rich destinations of Lyon and Ibiza. 

Online booking has been the primary driver for easyJet’s growth, with flyers using the Low Fare Finder on their website to compare various flight prices for any selected destination. This function also shows the best dates and times to fly based on a customer’s budget. Whether going for one-way or round-trip flights, the platform automatically stores information that can be accessed via the app. Last-minute bookings during peak season see higher prices than their usual offers, but this is generally still more affordable than its contemporaries. Last-minute deals are also categorised separately and can be booked on the same day if the flight hasn’t been sold out yet. 

The new rollout is part of the carrier’s effort to expand its services and add value to the easyJet Plus Membership. Membership comes with seat selection, year-long benefits, a large cabin bag for every flight, and discounts on in-flight purchases. Of course, those who do not take on the membership still have access to flight deals and hotel packages. These potentially include luggage allocation of 23kg, airport transfers, and accommodation. 

Variety also adds to the appeal of flying with the carrier, as destinations and packages are not limited to one theme. Different holidays to match varying tastes and interests are available, from the iconic and vibrant city of Amsterdam to the sleepy hills and awe-inspiring architecture of North Macedonia. This makes the platform great for navigating whether you are planning a vacation with children or a trip a 96-year-old can fly. These flights are certified safe for senior citizens as long as, by regulation standards, the passenger is determined to be mentally and physically able to comply with safety instructions and emergency guidelines. 

Holiday Buzz for France and Spain 

easyJet’s introduction of new France and Spain flights comes at a crucial time when there is much demand for travel to these locations. The upcoming Paris Olympics 2024 is drawing tons of attention, with flight bookings up 125% compared to the previous year. On top of this, France retains its position as the most popular holiday destination in Europe. 

Spain’s popularity has also increased, leading to a surge in prices. All-inclusive packages from other industry sources have jumped quite a bit, with the average package price going up by 15%. Data from TravelSupermarket has even found that a week in hugely favoured areas like Majorca is 21% more expensive than it was in 2022. 

In combination with the general price increase, travel has become more of an investment for most travellers. With that, easyJet’s rollout comes right in time and marks a promising turn for those who want to travel on a budget. 

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