Prince Harry Faces Legal Scrutiny Over US Visa Amid Drug Use Allegations from Memoir ‘Spare’

In a candid reflection within his memoir “Spare,” Prince Harry delves into his journey, remarking, “There was only truth. After the psychedelics wore off, my memory of that world would remain: This is not all there is.”

The Duke of Sussex finds himself under intense legal scrutiny as his application for a US visa comes under the microscope in light of a lawsuit filed by The Heritage Foundation. The lawsuit questions the accuracy of information provided by Prince Harry regarding his history of drug use, a topic he openly discussed in his memoir.

With the impending risk of his UK visit, Prince Harry expresses concerns over potential security issues after divulging sensitive details in his memoir. His application materials have been handed over to a judge, signaling a significant development in the ongoing legal battle.

Joe Biden’s legal team has complied with the court order to submit Prince Harry’s visa documents, further intensifying the legal proceedings.

The Department of Homeland Security initially hesitated to release the documents, citing privacy concerns. However, The Heritage Foundation argues that there is a compelling public interest in verifying the accuracy of Prince Harry’s disclosures, particularly given his candid admissions of drug use.

In a recent court filing, The Heritage Foundation emphasized Prince Harry’s voluntary confessions about drug use, raising concerns about potential immigration repercussions for non-citizens.

Judge Carl Nichols, presiding over the case, has ruled for an in-camera review of Prince Harry’s documents to determine their eligibility for public disclosure.

Prince Harry’s memoir provides a window into his experiences with various substances, including magic mushrooms, cocaine, and marijuana. Reflecting on his psychedelic encounters, he muses, “All the great seers and philosophers say our daily life is an illusion. I always felt the truth in that. But how reassuring it was, after nibbling a mushroom, or ingesting ayahuasca, to experience it for myself.”

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