Discover The Secret Art of Vaginal Gymnastics (36+ Mind-Blowing Skills)


What if I told you women could squeeze, milk, whip, lock, and even twist a man inside of them using only their vaginal muscles?

And what if I told you that, besides it feeling absolutely incredible for him, it would naturally enhance female pleasure and female libido?

You’d probably say I’m crazy. In fact, you might use a far less PG-13 adjective than that.

But you’d be wrong. Because that’s exactly what the art of Pompoir or vaginal gymnastics is all about.

And it’s exactly these superpowers that Diane de Poitiers –King Henry II’s favorite mistress– was rumored to use on him to become the most powerful woman in 16th century France.

Let’s understand how this works.


Pompoir is an ancient practice, attributed to the Devadasis in India (sacred sex workers whose job involved providing pleasure to male devotees of the temple), where the goal is complete control of the pelvic floor muscles.

These muscles surround the vagina, and they can be trained just like any other muscle, through a variety of different exercises.

And though today we know all the advantages pelvic floor training has for women’s health, it remained a coveted secret for the majority of history, reserved only for the elite.

The closest thing the modern era has been to Pompoir is basic kegel training. You might’ve heard about “kegels” – simple pelvic floor contractions that help women prevent urinary incontinence and get their vaginas strong and sensitive post-childbirth.

But Pompoir takes this basic training to an entirely new level.

Pompoir’s main focus is pleasure. It is aimed at every woman looking to enhance her sex life.

It focuses on mastering the different sides of the vagina (the lateral walls, the front and back halves, and all its vertical levels) so that women can create dozens of unique sensations during sex.

Some of the moves women can perform with their vaginas include:

  • Squeezing
  • Locking
  • Milking
  • Whipping
  • Shimmying
  • Twisting
  • Wringing

And some of the reported benefits this practice has for the woman are:

  • Enhanced pleasure from penetration
  • Increased intensity of Orgasms
  • Increased frequency of Orgasms
  • Higher sex drive
  • Faster arousal cycle (ability to get aroused faster)
  • Partner satisfaction
  • Improved confidence
  • Closer connection to one’s partner

Okay – fantastic. But how can women go about learning all these crazy superpowers?


There are two main avenues to learn Pompoir right now.

If you like the self-learning approach, by far the best resource for this practice is The Gohddess Method Book.


This book is a Pompoir bible, explaining every single exercise and training concept, so that you can design your own workouts in a way that fits your lifestyle.

It also shares the stories of women from all over the world, from different ages and backgrounds who have mastered these moves and have fallen in love with the practice.

What’s more, it teaches you how to optimize and advance in this practice, and even how to develop your own exercises.

The paperback version has a lot of beautiful colored images and tutorials, which makes it a phenomenal gift for the ladies in your life.

This is the UK link to purchase it.

This is the US link to purchase it.

On the other hand, you might prefer a more guided approach. If this is the case, The Ohlympus Program is for you.

Though it’s a higher investment than the book, this one-time purchase gives you access to a completely animated online course that explains every exercise and gives you a detailed schedule, so you know what you should be doing every single day.

You also get direct access to the founders and coaches from the course, and a community of other women using Pompoir as their favorite passion-enhancing practice.

And what’s more – a free copy of the Gohddess Book is included with the purchase of the program, so you have the best of both worlds!

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