Removing the Taboo: Embracing Sexual Exploration Through Adult Services

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In past years, discussions around sex have been seen as a taboo subject. In the modern world, many people now embrace their sexuality like never before. With many influencers earning a living through adult sites, such as OnlyFans, the sex industry and discussions around sex are becoming more acceptable. It’s reported that OnlyFans creators increased by a massive 75% during lockdown. With couples unable to meet in person, it’s no surprise that adult services were more in demand.

The popularity of adult services is liberating for many individuals and couples alike. The freedom of sexual exploration has resulted in an increase in the amount of people using adult services, such as phone sex lines and porn websites. Ofcom’s snapshot survey from September 2020 showed that PornHub was accessed by a massive 15 million people, showing that the stigma around watching porn is lifting.

Sexual Liberation Without Judgement

When it comes to exploring sexual fantasies, phone sex websites are becoming increasingly popular. With many people turning to phone sex operators to explore their sexual desires and kinks outside of their relationships. There are many reasons why people decide to explore their bedroom fantasies using an adult chat service like

Many people view telephone sex as a form of sexual freedom. They are able to explore their kinks without judgment or criticism. This has become pivotal in the increase in the number of calls to phone sex lines in the last few years. This non-judgemental form of sexual exploration allows people to embrace their desires in a safe and consensual space.

Self Discovery and Sexual Experimentation

While many people are on a journey of self discovery, such exploration need not be confined solely to matters outside of sexuality. Fetish phone lines and fetish porn videos are some of the most popular. This is by no means a coincidence. BDSM, Domination, Submission, Foot Fetishes and Financial Domination are popular kinks that may have previously been seen as taboo. 

The adult industry allows individuals to experiment with new ideas and discover their sexual preferences. Sexual experimentation and exploration enables individuals to embrace their sexual identities and desires. This empowerment has helped to redefine sex and the way in which people choose to experiment with ideas and kinks in the bedroom. This empowerment has also nurtured a more inclusive, open and accepting conversation around sexual preferences between couples in relationships.


The modern world is changing. With social media being at the forefront of adult entertainment, conversation around sex is becoming less of a taboo. Adult services such as phone sex and porn videos are increasingly popular. Although some people may see this as a negative, due to lack of physical connection, many see it as a form of positive sexual exploration and liberation. Enhancing sexual relationships with partners and cultivating a positive attitude towards self acceptance when it comes to sexual preferences.

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