Gemi Bordelon: A Closer Look at Her Connection to LSU Football

Gemi Bordelon, During the LSU Tigers’ post-national championship visit to the White House in 2020, a momentous occasion unfolded, capturing the attention of social media users worldwide. In a viral video showcasing the team’s jubilant spirit, an unidentified woman was spotted dancing alongside the players. It didn’t take long for internet sleuths to uncover her identity: Gemi Bordelon, a prominent American businesswoman with deep ties to the LSU football program.

gemi bordelon
gemi bordelon

Gemi’s association with LSU stems from her marriage to Ben Bordelon, a former LSU Tigers football player and NFL athlete who once donned the San Diego Chargers uniform. Ben, known for his prowess as an offensive guard and tackle during his tenure at LSU, earned accolades such as a second-team All-SEC honor in 1996.

Born in Louisiana in 1975, Gemi Bordelon’s prominence surged after her daughter Brooke confirmed her identity following the viral circulation of the White House video on social media platforms.

But what prompted Gemi Bordelon’s presence at the White House during the Tigers’ visit? According to reports from Heavy, her attendance was attributed to her and her husband’s connections to the Louisiana congressional delegation. With the Bordelons residing in Lafourche Parish and their familial proximity to former LSU Tigers coach Ed Orgeron’s hometown, their ties to the LSU football community run deep.

Of notable interest, Gemi and Ben Bordelon’s son, Brett ‘Bo’ Bordelon, has carved his path as an offensive lineman for the LSU Tigers, further solidifying the family’s bond with the team.

Beyond her family’s football affiliations, Ben Bordelon holds the esteemed positions of CEO and president at Bollinger Shipyards, a company deeply entrenched in their local community. The Bordelons’ unwavering support for the LSU Tigers, evident in the viral TikTok video and their familial connections, underscores their fervent dedication to the team’s endeavors throughout the season.

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