You have always loved the feel and style of a lace bra when it comes to your lingerie. The fine intricate lace designs on a smooth fabric that feels soft on your skin bring you immense peace. You are naturally drawn to lace bras as a woman regardless of your geographical presence. 

These bras come from a rich legacy back during the Renaissance period in Europe. Artisans took days to handcraft intriguing designs on a lace fabric using their skilled weaving techniques. The fabric was considered to be a luxury affordable to the elite and royal families. 

However, this fabric became more accessible due to industrialization in the 19th century and is now predominantly used for apparel and lingerie. 

With time, traditional bras were occasionally switched with lace bras to enhance your beauty and embrace the same functionality. Over the years, you may come across different lace bra designs. For instance, Wacoal lingerie is one online destination that offers a diverse range of lace bras that you can wear daily. These can be a part of your daily wear lingerie collection. 

You can see several bras where the rich lace fabric is woven with a cotton, mesh, or satin fabric to design the bra. The lace is woven in intriguing designs such as geometric or floral patterns to make the bra visually appealing.  

Different Types of Lace Bras

These bras are available in different styles, patterns, colors, and sizes, which means you can make your pick based on your preferences. 

Here are a few popular lace bra styles to include in your lingerie collection:

Bralettes: This bra style is made of soft fabric and has a wire-free design which offers light support. This bra is ideal to add a soft layer and feel relaxed, besides, this bra can be worn as a crop top on casual outings. 

Push-Up Bras: The main purpose of this bra style is to enhance your cleavage with a slight natural lift to your bust. They are commonly designed with underwire for support and padded cups for a sleek look. 

Balconette Bras: This bra is designed with wide straps and a low neckline which makes them a suitable pick for dresses and tops with a deep neckline. 

Plunge Bras: This is yet another type of lace bra suitable for apparel with low necklines that allow you to walk confidently in them. 

Full-Coverage Bras: If you feel the need for maximum support, then full-cup lace bras can be an ideal pick. They offer full coverage to your busts and wide straps along with fancy lace designs.

Demi-Cup Bras: These bras offer moderate coverage of half to three-quarters of your bust along with a natural lift for a comfortable day. 

Styling Tips for Your Lace Bras

You can wear and style lace bras in different ways depending on how comfortable you are in them. Here are a few smart ways to style them in your daily life:

Contrast: You can pair your lace bra with a different-colored or patterned top or blouse over it to give a contrast effect. For instance, you can wear a neon-colored lace bra under a plain white top to enhance the look of your top. 

Layering: You can wear a lace bralette under a crop top or short blouse to enhance your feminine look. Lace bralettes available in different colors make it convenient to pair them with your tops. 

Mix and Match: You can mix and match your fashionable lingerie accessories with your clothes. For instance, you can wear a fancy lace bralette above high-waisted torn jeans or baggy pants for casual outings.

Statement Piece: Your lace bras are not mere pieces of undergarments, instead they can enhance your look when you pair them correctly as a statement piece. For instance, you can wear a black lace bralette underneath a red jacket or blazer and wear a gold chain or necklace. 

Wacoal Lingerie Bra Collection

Embrace Lace Non-Wired Non-Padded Bralette: This is a wire-free bralette that offers you moderate coverage. It has a plunge neck design with signature floral lace. The soft and wide elastic band allows you to breathe and move around swiftly. This lace bra is suitable for special occasions including weddings and for fancy low-neck tops.  

Gaia Collection Non-Wired Padded Bralette Bra: This is a soft lace bra that gives your cleavage a natural look. It gives a level 1 push-up effect with moderate coverage of 3/4th cup. This bra has a wide and styled stretch lace band with fully adjustable straps. This bralette is available in red and black colors that can be blended with different outfits. 

You can get a glimpse of the most selling lace bras on Wacoal. All you have to do is visit the website and browse through the collection. You can add your desired bra to your cart, pay, and get it delivered to your doorstep.

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