Wael Seifeddine Unveils: The New Era of Real Influencers in 2024


In the ever-evolving realm of influencer marketing, 2024 has marked a significant shift towards authenticity and relatability. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Wael Seifeddine, a seasoned content marketer, social media specialist, and influencer PR expert, to delve into these changes. With a rich background in digital advertising and marketing, Wael’s insights offer a unique lens into the current and future landscape of influencer marketing.

From Celebrity to Authenticity

Gone are the days when influencers were akin to distant celebrities. Wael notes a fundamental shift in the influencer paradigm. “People in 2024 want to see real people, real faces, real content, and not a fake life,” he explains. This move towards genuine content creation marks a departure from the polished, unattainable lifestyles once prevalent in influencer circles.

The Rise of the Relatable Influencer

In sectors like beauty and fashion, this trend is especially pronounced. Wael highlights that brands now seek collaborations with influencers who are natural and embrace their imperfections. The era of flawless models is giving way to a more inclusive approach. “Brands are looking for influencers who are relatable and connect with their audiences,” he says. This approach is mirrored in fashion, where there’s a growing emphasis on diversity and body positivity.

The Future: User-Generated Content and Nano Influencers

Looking ahead, Wael predicts a significant shift towards user-generated content (UGC) creators. He foresees brands diversifying their influencer partnerships, moving away from mega influencers to engage with a larger number of nano influencers. This approach not only democratizes influencer marketing but also resonates more deeply with audiences seeking genuine connections.

Advice for Aspiring Influencers and Brands

For those entering this dynamic field, Wael’s advice is clear: “Be genuine, be you, and create a community on your socials.” This mantra of authenticity is crucial for both new influencers and brands venturing into influencer marketing.


As we navigate through 2024, it’s evident that influencer marketing is not just about promoting products; it’s about fostering genuine connections and embracing real-life experiences. The insights from Wael Seifeddine illuminate a path forward that prioritizes authenticity, inclusivity, and community — values that are reshaping the way brands and influencers engage with their audiences.

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