Selena Gomez Returns to Instagram Hours After Announcing ‘Social Media Break’ Amid Golden Globes Drama of Alleged Kylie Jenner Leak Conversation

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Credit: Instagram

In a surprising turn of events, Selena Gomez has made a swift return to Instagram, just hours after declaring a social media break following the Golden Globes drama involving Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet. The singer-actor, known for taking intermittent breaks from the online world, announced her hiatus on Wednesday, citing the need to focus on what truly matters.

However, the break was short-lived, and Selena was back on Thursday, promoting a new cooking video with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. In an Instagram Story, she shared a sneak peek of the collaboration, exclaiming, “Gordon Ramsay stepped into my kitchen and showed me how to make an amazing breakfast burger.”

This sudden return sparked reactions from fans and social media users, with one fan page humorously tweeting, “Selena Gomez is back on Instagram, 18 hours after announcing a social media break,” and another jokingly predicting, “She will announce her next break in an hour.”

The Instagram hiatus had been prompted by a brewing controversy surrounding an incident at the Golden Globes 2024, where Selena, Timothée Chalamet, Kylie Jenner, and Taylor Swift were allegedly involved. Selena had initially shared a video of her boyfriend Benny Blanco playing with kids, along with the caption, “I’m off social media for a while. I’m focusing on what really matters.”

Reactions to Selena’s brief absence varied, with some labeling her an attention seeker and others speculating about contractual obligations due to her collaboration with Gordon Ramsay. Meanwhile, fans defended her, suggesting the break might have been influenced by factors beyond personal choice.

Addressing the Golden Globes drama, Selena clarified her stance on an Instagram post, refuting speculations that she was gossiping about Kylie and Timothée. She explained, “Noooooo I told Taylor about two of my friends who hooked up. Not that that’s anyone’s business.”

As Selena Gomez swiftly resumes her online presence, the whirlwind of speculations and reactions continues, leaving fans intrigued about the dynamics between the celebrities involved in the Golden Globes incident.

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