Kylian Mbappé’s Oakley Collab Proves the Player Is More Than Just Football

The links between football and fashion have been well-established, with luminaries such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and David Beckham proof that seamless transitions from sportswear to luxury fashion are possible. These football icons have emerged as true inspirations for younger generations, establishing themselves not only as sports legends but also as formidable figures in the world of fashion. 

However, the narrative has taken an intriguing turn in recent months, particularly with the emergence of Kylian Mbappé as fashion’s new rising star. With an impressive track record at a young age and an ever-growing influence, Mbappé is not merely following in the footsteps of his predecessors. Instead, he is entering the realm of fashion icons through the front door, as evidenced by his recent collaboration with eyewear giant Oakley in 2023.

Mbappé’s stellar impact beyond football

Kylian Mbappé, France’s newly minted football team captain, is more than your average player. He was the fastest player in Ligue 1, proving his prowess by clocking an awe-inspiring 36 km/h (22.4 mph) during the first half of the season. Even while off the pitch, he has been clocked running 100 metres in 10.6 seconds, making him one of the fastest men in football. 

Yet, his journey is more than a narrative of sports or athleticism — it’s a living rags-to-riches fairy tale. Raised in Paris’ tough suburbs, Mbappé catapulted to global fame by securing the 2018 World Cup at the tender age of 19. This meteoric rise led to him becoming the ambassador for Swiss watchmaker Hublot, a status unprecedented for such a young, active player.

As a world champion, French champion, and Champions League finalist, Mbappé quickly drew the attention of giants in the fashion and luxury sectors. In December, luxury brand Dior strategically selected Mbappé as its new global ambassador. Barely a month later, Oakley, a prominent eyewear brand, made its mark by signing Mbappé for its new campaign. 

The Oakley x Mbappé collaboration

The Oakley x Mbappé collaboration is centred on values shared between the brand and the football prodigy, emphasising determination and hard work and further solidifying Mbappé’s position as a multifaceted influencer. As a stalwart in the eyewear industry, Oakley’s range of sunglasses is known to seamlessly marry lifestyle and sports performance. This commitment to innovation and functionality is evident in its existing collections, whether it’s the Holbrook series, which offers an exemplary blend of vintage aesthetics and modern functionality, or the Sutro range, which showcases Oakley’s prowess in merging sporty elements with contemporary design.

The legacy of Oakley merely set the stage for Mbappé’s new “Signature Series” collection of eyewear. Unveiled in March 2023, this exclusive line features four new models adorned with a sophisticated brown and gold colour palette. Building on the success of the previous collaboration, the collection includes updated clear prescription glasses, two kids’ styles with smaller frames, and sun styles boasting Oakley’s classic BiO-Matter™ frame with Prizm™ Bronze Tungsten Iridium lenses. The collaboration encapsulates Mbappé’s determination, creativity, and versatility, extending his influence far beyond the boundaries of sports.

By blending Oakley’s eyewear expertise with Mbappé’s creative vision, the Oakley x Mbappé collaboration symbolises a convergence of sports and fashion. As soccer stars continue to redefine their roles as fashion icons, Mbappé stands at the forefront, showcasing that his impact extends far beyond the boundaries of sports.

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