Will Smith Opens Up About Mistakes, Love, and ‘I Am Legend 2’ in Candid Red Sea Film Festival Session

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Image: Instagram/WillSmith

Will Smith’s appearance at the Red Sea International Film Festival in Saudi Arabia was filled with insights into his state of mind, past experiences, and future plans. The actor, known for his versatile career, shared anecdotes about his journey, acknowledging that he used to aspire to be a scientist before his passion for rap music took over.

Addressing the audience, Smith reflected on the unique challenges of fame, emphasizing the importance of staying focused on his mission regardless of public opinion. He acknowledged his mistakes, and when a fan expressed love for his flaws, Smith revealed Quincy Jones as a trusted adviser and mentor.

The actor delved into the central themes of love in both life and cinema, citing it as a universal concept. He summarized the core plots of films as either someone pursuing a goal against all odds or someone trying to escape a metaphorical hole. For Smith, movies are about people striving to find happiness despite the existential challenges of life.

Smith hinted at a sequel to “I Am Legend,” revealing that he had a call scheduled with Michael B. Jordan and that the script had just arrived. Despite his character’s apparent demise in the first film, he hinted at following the alternate ending from the DVD version, where his character survives.

Addressing his affinity for comedy, Smith expressed that it’s a great way to make a living but highlighted the growth that comes with playing dramatic roles. He teased the audience about the possibility of a movie with Denzel Washington in Saudi Arabia, expressing his love for the country.

When asked about advice for making it in Hollywood, Smith praised the potential in Saudi Arabia and suggested aspiring talents stay there and build their community. He expressed a desire to teach and collaborate globally, emphasizing the power of storytelling in creating bridges and healing wounds.

In summary, Smith sees the next stage of his life as a journey toward “perfecting and shining his light.” The event concluded with Smith taking audience questions and leaving amid thunderous applause, expressing gratitude for the fantastic experience.

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