SalesScaled: Revolutionizing Client Acquisition for B2C Online Coaches with Matt Conway


SalesScaled, a dynamic client acquisition agency founded by industry expert Matt Conway in 2023, is making waves in the B2C online coaching space. Specializing in working with Men’s coaches, SalesScaled is dedicated to helping them refine their offers, increase lead flow, fortify sales processes, and achieve breakthrough 10-20k months.

In a market saturated with businesses focusing on vanity metrics such as follower count and likes, SalesScaled stands out by prioritizing conversion. The agency understands that, despite great content, marketing, and products, success hinges on turning prospects into paying clients.

Matt Conway, the visionary founder of SalesScaled, brings nearly a decade of experience in sales and marketing to the table. Before launching, Matt spent over two years as a Sales Representative and team leader at Google’s European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

Reflecting on his experience, Matt emphasized the shift in dynamics when selling one’s own services compared to a well-known corporation. “The key is certainty,” says Matt. “You’ve got to make the prospect certain that your solution is right for them.”

SalesScaled has already left a significant impact on the coaching community. Matt Conway’s Instagram page [@mattconway_esm] provides insights into the agency’s work, showcasing client success stories such as Gene Gerrienne’s journey from zero to $20k months. Through personalized strategies, SalesScaled helped Gene transition from his 9-5 job in London to financial freedom, boasting a thriving group program and international travel.

Matt Conway’s Instagram reels reveal the core principles SalesScaled advocates for: high-ticket offers, effective lead generation processes, and a robust sales strategy. In a special 14-day offer, Matt is sharing his lead generation processes and sales strategies for free. By helping entrepreneurs secure their next 3-5 clients, Matt aims to empower them to afford his premium services.

For business owners looking to scale their ventures and achieve 10-20k months in 2024, Matt Conway invites them to connect with him and they will receive a complimentary 2-part masterclass training on closing high-ticket deals and effective lead generation.

SalesScaled is not just a client acquisition agency; it’s a catalyst for transforming the lives and businesses of online coaches. To learn more about SalesScaled and Matt Conway’s transformative strategies, visit

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