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Renowned singer-actress Jennifer Lopez has candidly revealed that not everyone in her inner circle initially supported the idea of documenting her romance with husband Ben Affleck in her upcoming project, ‘This Is Me… Now.’ 412330107 18431094817037720 6162923773396329518 n 1080
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In an interview with ‘Variety,’ JLo emphasized the importance of following one’s heart as an artist, acknowledging that not everyone thought it was the best idea. Despite concerns about putting her and Affleck’s life in the spotlight due to past media scrutiny, she expressed maturity and wisdom gained over the years.

Scheduled for release on February 16, ‘This Is Me… Now’ is JLo’s latest album, celebrating the 20th anniversary of ‘This Is Me… Then.’ Accompanying the album is a Dave Meyers-directed short film, set to be released simultaneously by Amazon MGM Studios.

JLo admitted to having reservations about exposing her personal life, citing shared PTSD with Affleck from media scrutiny during their initial relationship. However, she emphasized growth and prioritizing what truly matters in life, irrespective of others’ opinions.

Describing the accompanying film as a ‘musical experience,’ JLo challenged viewers to see it, experience it, and then truly understand it. The film promises a unique blend of music, visuals, and storytelling.

The album features songs delving into JLo and Ben’s connection, including “Can’t Get Enough,” a track she sang to him at their wedding. Despite facing pushback from her inner circle while writing music about her marriage, JLo remained steadfast in following her heart.

In a teaser for the film, Lopez reflected on her childhood dream of being in love, setting the stage for a deep exploration of her personal journey in the upcoming ‘musical experience.’

Addressing previous comments by Ben Affleck, JLo acknowledged that some songs might have a “negative” undertone but praised her husband’s support for her brilliant songwriting capabilities. The couple, having weathered the challenges of their first romance, now approaches their creative endeavors with a shared sense of maturity and resilience. 412393656 18431094799037720 4703941199287085942 n 1080
Image: Instagram
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