End of the Romance: Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner Call It Quits Weeks Ago

Image: Instagram / Kendall Jenner
Image: Instagram / Kendall Jenner

Model Kendall Jenner and music sensation Bad Bunny, who first sparked dating rumors in early 2023, have reportedly parted ways a few weeks ago, marking the end of their whirlwind romance. Despite being inseparable in the public eye, the couple hasn’t made a joint appearance since October, leaving fans curious about their relationship status just ahead of the holiday season.

According to insights shared by an inside source with The Messenger on December 16, the breakup was amicable, with no lingering animosity between the two. The insider revealed, “There’s no bad blood. They are even still in contact. Their relationship had been rocky due to their busy schedules.”

The Grammy-winning rapper’s upcoming world tour in 2024 posed a logistical challenge, making it increasingly difficult for the pair to sustain their connection. Jenner reportedly felt that their relationship had naturally run its course, leading to the decision to part ways.

Jenner, known for her high-profile relationships, had previously been in an on-again-off-again romance with Devin Booker, which concluded in 2022. She then entered the dating scene before crossing paths with the Puerto Rican rapper. The duo first caught attention in February when spotted together in Beverly Hills, leaving Wally’s, a popular celebrity haunt.

Throughout the spring and summer, they maintained a low profile, avoiding public discussions about their relationship. Their official debut occurred at Gucci’s show in the fall, followed by a feature in the fashion house’s latest campaign released on September 30.

Signs of a potential breakup became more apparent in mid-November when Jenner shared a cryptic Instagram post featuring a sunset with the caption, “what’s meant for me, will simply find me.” Fans interpreted the post as a subtle reference to a breakup, especially given the absence of sightings between the 818 Tequila founder and Bad Bunny.

Reports from a source to Us Weekly a few days later suggested that Jenner’s friends were skeptical about the longevity of the relationship. The source disclosed, “Kendall’s friends don’t think she’ll be with Bad Bunny forever. Despite the breakup rumors, they are still seeing each other, but [Kendall’s pals] don’t see a huge spark between them or any long-term potential.”

As Jenner spends time solo in Aspen this week, speculation about spending the holidays apart has arisen, fueling rumors that their recent separation may be a permanent conclusion to their romantic connection.


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