Lisa’s Dazzling Moment: BLACKPINK’s Climate Change Advocacy Recognized by King Charles III at Buckingham Palace

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Article: In a mesmerizing ceremony at Buckingham Palace, the spotlight shone brightly on BLACKPINK’s Lisa as King Charles III bestowed high honors upon the K-pop sensation for her exceptional contributions to raising awareness about climate change. The esteemed accolade named Lisa Manoban an honorary Member of the Order of the British Empire, recognizing her impactful efforts alongside bandmates Jennie Kim and Jisoo Kim.

Adding to the celebration, Lisa’s mate Roseanne (Rosé) Park also received an MBE, underlining her dual citizenship in New Zealand, one of the 14 nations where the UK monarch holds the position of head of state.

The recognition ceremony, held at Buckingham Palace, applauded BLACKPINK’s pivotal role in advocating the objectives of the COP26 summit on climate change in Glasgow, Scotland, two years ago. These honors form part of Britain’s esteemed honours system, designed to acknowledge outstanding service to both the nation and the global community.

During the presentation, Lisa radiated joy as she warmly greeted King Charles III, who personally presented her with the prestigious medal. Dressed in a chic baby blue dress with a short cape, Lisa’s presence exuded both style and substance, capturing the essence of her remarkable contributions.

In a lighthearted moment, King Charles III playfully interacted with Lisa and her fellow BLACKPINK members, jesting during the ceremony, “It’s amazing you’re still talking to each other after all these years… I hope I shall be able to see you perform live at some point.” This lighthearted exchange added a touch of humor to the event, highlighting the camaraderie between the revered monarch and the globally celebrated girl group, with Lisa at the forefront of this dazzling moment.

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