From Descendants to Drama: Thomas Doherty’s Versatile Roles

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Thomas Doherty, a Scottish actor and heartthrob, has journeyed from the whimsical realms of Disney to embracing diverse, dramatic roles in movies and TV shows. His evolution as an actor has showcased his adaptability and talent in capturing a wide range of characters.

Hailing from Edinburgh, Doherty embarked on his acting career with determination and skill. Initially recognized for his captivating performances in Disney’s “Descendants” series, Doherty quickly proved his mettle beyond the bounds of family-oriented entertainment. Thomas Doherty’s movies and TV shows represent a versatile acting range that extends far beyond the fantastical world of Disney.

Early Career and Breakthrough

Doherty’s foray into acting began modestly but with immense promise. He stepped into the limelight through smaller roles and theatrical productions, gradually honing his craft and gaining recognition in the entertainment industry. However, his portrayal of the cunning and charismatic Harry Hook in Disney’s “Descendants” franchise propelled him to fame. As the son of Captain Hook, Doherty brought a magnetic allure to the character, captivating audiences worldwide and establishing himself as a rising star.

Transition to Dramatic Roles

Beyond the realms of Disney, Doherty embarked on a journey to explore more challenging and diverse roles in TV shows and films. His transition from youthful, light-hearted roles to more mature, multifaceted characters showcased his acting prowess. Doherty dared to venture into genres outside his Disney roots, seeking roles that pushed the boundaries of his capabilities.

Notable Performances of Thomas Doherty movie and TV shows

Doherty’s career trajectory saw him undertake roles that underscored his versatility and acting depth. His performances in various projects, especially those diverging from his Disney image, have drawn attention and accolades. The portrayal of multifaceted characters in TV shows and films such as ‘The Lodge’ demonstrated his ability to adapt to different roles, winning the praise of critics and audiences alike.

1. “High Fidelity” (2020)

In this Hulu series, Thomas Doherty starred as Liam Shawcross, a music enthusiast and the charming love interest of the main character Robyn “Rob” Brooks, portrayed by Zoë Kravitz. On the basis of the novel by Nick Hornby, the show explored the intricacies of love and relationships, while Doherty’s performance as Liam added depth to the series.

2. “Catherine the Great” (2019)

Doherty appeared in this historical drama miniseries as Ovstrovsky, a Russian nobleman, starring alongside Helen Mirren as Catherine the Great. The series delves into the later years of Catherine’s reign and her tumultuous love affairs, with Doherty’s character contributing to the intricate web of court intrigue.

3. “Legacies” (2018)

Thomas Doherty guest-starred in this supernatural drama series, another spin-off from “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals.” He played the role of Sebastian, a vampire who returns to the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted, adding an enigmatic and mysterious presence to the storyline.

4. “The Little Mermaid” (2023) 

Doherty stars in the live-action adaptation of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” directed by Rob Marshall. He portrays the role of Prince Eric, marking a significant milestone in his career by being part of this highly anticipated adaptation of the classic tale.

5. “Descendants 2” (2017)

Thomas Doherty portrayed the character of Harry Hook, the son of Captain Hook, in this Disney Channel original movie. His performance as the charismatic and mischievous pirate gained attention and added depth to the fantasy musical film.

6. “Descendants 3” (2019)

Doherty reprised his role as Harry Hook in the sequel “Descendants 3.” Once again, he brought his singing and acting talents to the character, captivating audiences with his portrayal of the son of the infamous Captain Hook.

7. “High Strung: Free Dance” (2018)

In this dance romance film, Thomas Doherty played the character Zander Raines, a talented choreographer. The movie follows the journey of young dancers competing for a spot in a prestigious Broadway production.

8. “The Lodge” (2019)

Thomas Doherty starred in this psychological horror film as Sean, one of the main characters. The story revolves around a young woman staying in a remote lodge with her boyfriend and his children, where eerie events unfold.

Impact and Future Prospects

Thomas Doherty’s transformative journey in the entertainment industry has left an indelible mark. His ability to seamlessly transition from his Disney roots to more challenging and diverse roles showcases his dedication and skill as an actor. As he continues to explore various characters and genres, Doherty’s future in the industry appears promising, hinting at further groundbreaking performances and projects.


In conclusion, Thomas Doherty’s evolution from his breakthrough in Disney’s “Descendants” series to his current array of diverse roles underscores his growth as an actor. His ability to captivate audiences spread across genres and platforms positions him as an artist of immense potential and versatility. With his talent and commitment to expanding his repertoire, Doherty’s journey in the world of movies and TV shows is one to follow closely.

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