5 Popular Home Design Ideas to Help You Stay Cosy This Winter

With the colder autumn and winter months in full swing and the darker nights creeping in seemingly earlier every day, now is the perfect time of the year to start overhauling your home’s interior. Looking for some winter inspiration? Here are five popular home design ideas to help you stay cosy this winter.

Introduce Ambient Lighting

A cost-effective and simple addition to the home that can be as easy to install as literally screwing in a lightbulb, ambient lighting is a fantastic way to switch up the vibe of a room right away. Smart lighting setups such as the Philips Hue series, for instance, can also be paired up with other smart tech devices in the home in order to allow you 

This is also a fantastic idea for homes or apartments with limited space, as you can use a shift in lighting to change up the mood of a space without having to move around furniture.  

Upgrade to Cosy New Carpeting 

Winter can be bitterly cold and moody which is why it’s so important to keep warm and cosy indoors, and what better way to do that than with a brand new plush, fluffy carpet or rug in your bedroom and living room areas. 

UK retailer Carpet Warehouse recommends these two rooms as the first ones to go with when upgrading the home’s carpet, as they’re the ones that we will get the biggest benefit from, and saxony style carpets will usually give you the most luxurious comfort underfoot. 

Create a Winter Wonderland

Of course, for those that celebrate Christmas, it wouldn’t be a cosy winter home without plenty of xmas decorations spread around to spread the festivities. Christmas trees, stockings, and festive lighting is a must, and the ambient smart lighting mentioned above can also help with this. For the perfect front porch area to welcome you home after a long day, consider festive hanging baskets in the porch area, as well as a classic wreath. 

Invite in the Outdoors

Enjoy the outdoors and still want to enjoy it while staying warm and cosy? Why not try to think of some different ways in which you can invite the outdoors inwards. Potted plants are easy to set up in doors – with some easier to maintain than others depending on how dedicated you are to upkeep – and there is also a growing trend of ‘living walls’ in homes that add texture and vibrancy to a space. If you don’t want the hassle of maintenance, you might instead look to artificial alternatives.

Switch to Warm and Welcoming Colours

Swapping to a warm colour palette in your home can usually be achieved easily by bringing down the range of decorations that you have stored away alongside the Michael Bublé CDs, but if you want to properly change the vibe of your home around, you might consider painting walls, or investing in a range of throws/textures to go around existing furniture. Architectural Digest suggests ‘vibrant oranges, cosy reds, and sunny yellows’. 

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