How Ray-Ban and Meta’s Smart Glasses are Changing the Game for Influencers

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Nowadays, being an influencer goes beyond finding lucrative opportunities and expressing your brand authentically. Our article ‘Harnessing the Power of Social Media’ asserts that influencers seek to spark change and raise awareness for pressing issues. But to mirror this forward-thinking mindset, creators must harness the latest technologies to help spread their message. In doing so, they operate more efficiently and develop high-quality and trustworthy content.

Smart glasses are one emerging tool that can change the game for influencers. As the demand for this wearable tech continues to grow, one in particular—the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses—will completely reimagine the product’s potential. Here’s more on the impact of smart glasses on influencer content creation—and how Ray-Ban and Meta’s smart glasses are making the future of that impact even brighter.

How influencers could benefit from smart glasses

Smart glasses are intended to be sleek and stylish, perfect for influencers who want to take videos hands-free. Since their videos come straight from a first-person perspective, they provide an added atmosphere of immersion for viewers.

But over the past years, tech companies have failed to market their smart glasses to the mainstream market. Snapchat’s Spectacles are only compatible with its own app, while the discontinued Google Glass was too pricey and obstructive. And though Xiaomi’s smart glasses attempted to combine smartphone functionality with a more discrete style, the brand’s newer designs for the model look bulkier than ever. Beyond this, smart glasses are bogged down by privacy issues as those in public can be recorded unwittingly. Ultimately, this may explain why hands-free content creation through smart glasses still hasn’t fully taken off.

How the Ray-Ban Stories offers great potential for content creators

Although many tech companies have tried to crack the code to create a good pair of smart glasses, the first one to show immense promise was the Ray-Ban Stories model. Launched by Ray-Ban in partnership with Meta (formerly Facebook) in 2021, these specs can take photos or videos and share them directly with a user’s social media account. They also come with speakers for listening to music and taking calls. The best part? They take on the classic Ray-Ban look, meaning they can be worn on any occasion.

That’s why influencers were quick to jump on the trend and discover content creation potential in the hands-free capabilities of the Ray-Ban Stories. LA-based digital creator Pau Dictado was one of the first to use the shades to infuse a unique first-person POV into her videos. Although this unique perspective could have become the newest norm for influencers, the Stories didn’t quite take off. However, the outlook for this trend may become more promising with Ray-Ban and Meta improving on the Stories’ design with a newer model.

The future outlook for influencers with the Ray-Ban Meta

One of the ways Ray-Ban and Meta used to revitalise the Stories was to add and enhance features that could help content creators connect more deeply with their followers. With this in mind, the two brands released their Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses in September. These take the authentic Ray-Ban design and all the capabilities of the Stories—including taking photos and videos, listening to music, and making calls. One new notable feature, however, is the capacity to livestream directly to Facebook and Instagram without ever having to take your phone out of your pocket.

Meta’s marketing for these smart glasses is directly targeted to content creators, as it has improved audio and microphone systems and allows 1080p videos in portrait orientation—perfect for live streaming. The Ray-Ban Meta also seeks to maximise stylishness, coming in 21 styles, colours, and lens variations. Aside from effortlessly blending in fashion-wise, they seek to address privacy issues with an LED light indicating when the camera is in use.

The Ray-Ban Meta not only provides high-quality first-person perspective live streams but also allows for ethical and responsible content creation. With innovative functionality, they let influencers connect with audiences unlike ever before.

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