Creative Ideas for Cutting Costs with DIY Wedding Planning

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Every couple wants the wedding of their dreams but with rising inflation and the cost-of-living crisis, there are likely going to be elements that are outside of your budget. The average price of a UK wedding has reached an eyewatering £18,400, with the venue and wedding dress being the largest expenses. But what happens if you don’t have that type of cash?

Never fear – your dream wedding is very much still on the cards. With some savvy shopping and planning, you can successfully cut costs and enjoy the special day of your dreams.

How is the cost-of-living crisis affecting weddings?

Everyone has felt the pressure of the current cost-of-living crisis in some form or another, especially engaged couples. Rising energy prices and inflation have caused costs to rise and budgets to shrink, leaving many newlyweds to be changing their wedding plans left and right. Many prices are unaffordable for those saving for a deposit on a house or with childcare costs.

A survey found that 94% of couples are planning on cutting back on their wedding costs to save money and the first thing to get the chop is the guest list.

5 ways to save money during your DIY wedding planning:

All isn’t lost though. Making a few budget-conscious decisions during the planning stages can help you put some savings away or improve your credit score so you can afford your big day.

  1. Consider a weekday wedding

Everybody wants to get married on a Saturday or Sunday so these time slots often cost a lot more than weekday ones. You could make some savings planning your wedding on a Friday (or any other weekday) and find that it will be easier to secure a date.

  • Marry Off-Season

While summer and springtime weddings may bring warmer weather and more sunshine, they also come with a heftier price tag. Consider selecting a date during off-season months like November to March as you can expect cheaper rates across the board and even some discounts!

  • Rent Your Gown

The wedding dress is the main event for many brides but the average wedding dress budget ranges from £1,000 to £2,000. You can avoid paying this much by renting your gown – after all, most wedding dresses aren’t for re-wearing.

  • Something Borrowed

The ‘something borrowed’ rule is a popular element of wedding tradition so why not make it your wedding dress? If you’ve ever loved a family member’s gown or wedding suit, get it to the tailor and see how it fits!

  • Get Creative

The price of décor can really add up for your nuptials but there are plenty of unique DIY hacks you can do yourself! From homemade centerpieces to vintage family photo displays, these extra details not only save you money but gives you a fun project to work on with your partner.

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