Moriah Mills’ Twitter Suspended After Threatening Zion Williamson With Sex-Tape

Moriah Mills’ Twitter account has been temporarily suspended following her aggressive and controversial online campaign against Zion Williamson. Mills, known for her involvement in the adult entertainment industry and as an OnlyFans model, expressed her displeasure after Williamson and his girlfriend, Ahkeema, hosted a gender reveal party recently. However, Twitter has not provided specific details about the violation that led to Mills’ suspension, citing a breach of platform rules. It is widely speculated that her suspension came about after she made threats to leak a sex tape involving Zion Williamson.

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Moriah Mills’ Twitter account was suspended after she threatened to leak a Zion Williamson sex tape.
Instagram / Moriah Mills

In a tweet on Monday, Mills posted, “NBA I have sex tapes of me and @Zionwilliamson and he also has them on his trap phone. Trade him now, he doesn’t deserve to be in New Orleans!!! Sex tapes dropping soon.” These claims, along with other explicit and profane tweets, sparked a contentious back-and-forth between Mills and Williamson.

Notably, Mills’ Instagram account has been set to private as well, indicating a desire for privacy amid the ongoing controversy. Her barrage of tweets began earlier in June when Williamson and Ahkeema announced that they were expecting a baby girl in November. Mills responded with tweets implying that she might also be pregnant, expressing frustration over not being informed about the alleged pregnancy. She further claimed to have engaged in unprotected intercourse with Williamson, accusing him of endangering her health.

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Moriah Mills

Throughout the ordeal, Mills shared screenshots of alleged messages from Williamson, suggesting that he had offered to support her relocation to New Orleans. Using the timeline and other details, Mills deduced that the alleged conception occurred shortly after Valentine’s Day, a time when she was recovering from complications arising from a butt reduction surgery.

Twitter’s decision to suspend Mills’ account suggests a firm stance against the dissemination of explicit content without consent. As for Mills herself, her future actions and online presence remain uncertain, as she currently faces the consequences of her provocative and controversial social media activity.

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Zion Williamson and girlfriend Ahkeema had a gender reveal party for a baby girl that is due in November.
Instagram / ahh_concreterose

Written by Alex McCurthy

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