Kathleen Frankie’s Love for Family Shines Through

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Businesswoman Kathleen Frankie dedicates her life to her family and inspiring wellness.

For many, changing course in one’s career can seem daunting, but for Kathleen “Frankie” Francesca, it is what brought her hope. Before becoming an unbeatable businesswoman, Frankie was living in New York City and working as a booker for a modeling agency. However, after realizing her dream job was an unfulfilling nightmare, she turned to the business world — slowly taking it by storm.

“My work doesn’t feel like a job for me,” said Frankie. “My passion for work makes it a lot easier.”

Now, Frankie is the president of R3 Medical, a company that provides regenerative medicine through stem cell and exosome therapy. Since joining R3 Medical, Frankie has tried many hats — starting as a business development director, moving her way up to the chief operating officer, and now proudly serving as the company’s President.

“I joined the company because I wanted to make something out of myself and wanted to see how far I can go in taking the company to the top,” said Frankie.

With multiple clinics internationally and in the United States, Frankie is moving R3 to the West in July. A new R3 anti-aging and medical spa clinic is opening its doors in Beverly Hills, marking the company’s first location in California. Located on Wilshire and Rexford, this clinic will specialize in cosmetic services such as botox, fillers, hair restoration, facial rejuvenation, as well as regenerative therapy.

Frankie’s resilience and dedication are the backbone of her success. When she first started at R3, Frankie’s family was going through hardship. To help her family, Frankie had to sell everything she had. Left without a phone and a computer, Frankie would make frequent trips to the library for internet access.

Love for her family is at the core of everything Frankie does. Frankie became interested in entering the medical world when her parents were diagnosed with diabetes. Caring for her parents and volunteering with the American Diabetes Association sparked Frankie’s passion for wellness and helping others.

“[My work] shows me that I exist in this world, not just for myself,” said Frankie. “[I exist] to help people become better and help motivate people.”

Frankie’s mother is her most significant source of inspiration. In times of struggle, Frankie turns to the wise and reassuring words of her mother: “As long as you are breathing, there is hope.”

With Frankie as president, the mission of R3 has emphasized the need for wellness in every aspect of people’s life — mental, personal, and physical. R3’s hope to support people in becoming the best version of themselves stems from Frankie’s own goals.

“Every day, there’s something that I can improve and everyone can improve about themselves,” said Frankie. “I just really want to [be the] best version of myself and be able to balance my work life and my [personal] life.”

In an effort to create a work-life balance, Frankie makes sure she prioritizes her 10-year-old daughter, Valentina, above everything. Daily Facetime calls with her daughter are the perfect boosts of energy to prepare Frankie for her busy work days. As a single mother, Frankie has learned how to be perseverant and independent — two characteristics she hopes to pass on to Valentina. Being multilingual, a ballroom dancer, and an aspiring lawyer, Valentina has taken after Frankie’s zeal for trying and working toward various passions.

“When she wants to learn something, no one can stop her,” said Frankie. “She will teach herself how to do things.”

She is incredibly proud of her daughter and hopes to one day gift Valentina with a memoir. Frankie is currently working on an autobiography to tell her daughter about her story, the power of persistence, and the importance of resilience. Frankie wholeheartedly believes that anyone can achieve their dreams, as long as they are strong-minded and diligent.

“If you’re willing to make sacrifices, if you’re willing to sweat, you will get far in life,” said Frankie.

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