What is important for a smooth sail of business?

Creating value for any company be it online or offline is very important as customers are no less than God in the business world. A business can smoothly sail through only and only if its customers and employees are satisfied. It is necessary to create value for not only the customers but also the employees of the company.  But How?

It can be done by taking the following measures when it comes to creating employee value :

It is necessary to train our employees and make them acquainted with the latest technological developments. Employees should know that Smart Work is better than Hark Work.

The large scale of employees should be divided into various segments of the company basing on their interests and these employees should have full knowledge about the products that they are going to deal with. Value with employees can only be created by maintaining a relationship with them. The company should celebrate and give incentives to even the smallest of their achievements. It will make them feel like they are a part of this family.

Customer Satisfaction is equally important as customers are no less than Gods according to Business world principles. The company should also provide a wide range of goods with many options and at a convenient price. If they are selling good at high quantity even if their margins are not high, it will yield them good profits and the customer will also feel that the prices were reasonable. Thus, leaving the customer satisfied and bringing the company in their good books. Also the goods should be easily accessible to the customers.

They say ‘ don’t judge the book by its cover ’ but here that’s not the case. Customer perceives the value basing on how the company is presenting itself. Good work but shabby presentation will not yield utmost customer satisfaction. The above mentioned offline retail company should also take care of how it’s putting forth its brand image to the public.

Good presentation but bad quality will again bring trouble. Both presentation and quality go hand-in-hand. The company should not compromise in delivering quality. Majority of the customers these days have become quality centric. When it comes to good quality products they do not hesitate in shelling money.

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy”

– Michael LeBouf

Written by Guest

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