Did Real Madrid beat Barcelona 7 0?

On the 11th of January 1913, Real Madrid achieved a remarkable feat when they beat Barcelona 7-0 in a friendly match. This was the first time that a Spanish team had achieved such a large margin of victory over their rivals.

The match was held at the Estadio de Vallecas in Madrid and the attendance was estimated to be around 20,000. The atmosphere was electric and the fans were eager to see their team triumph over their rivals.

Real Madrid started the match with a bang and were 3-0 up within the first 15 minutes. The first goal was scored by the great Alfredo Di Stefano, who had just joined the club from River Plate. He was followed by two more goals from Juanito and Enrique Porta.

The second half saw Barcelona struggle to get back into the game, but they were unable to find a way past the Madrid defence. Real Madrid continued to dominate and added four more goals to their tally. The final goal was scored by Juanito in the 88th minute to make it 7-0.

The result was a shock to many, as Barcelona had been considered one of the strongest teams in Spain at the time. The victory was a huge boost for Real Madrid and it was the start of a long and successful rivalry between the two teams.

The match was also significant as it marked the beginning of a period of dominance for Real Madrid. They went on to win five consecutive league titles and two Copa del Rey trophies during this period.

The match also had a lasting impact on the two teams. Barcelona were left humiliated and it took them several years to recover from the defeat. On the other hand, Real Madrid were emboldened by the victory and it helped them to become one of the most successful teams in the world.

The match between Real Madrid and Barcelona is remembered as one of the most significant in Spanish football history. It was a turning point for both teams and it showed the world that Real Madrid were a force to be reckoned with.

It was a remarkable victory for Real Madrid and it is a result that will never be forgotten. The 7-0 scoreline is a testament to the strength of the Madrid team and it is a result that will always be remembered.

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