The Invention of Espresso: The Story of Angelo Moriondo

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Angelo Moriondo

Angelo Moriondo was an Italian inventor who is widely credited with inventing the first espresso machine. Born in Turin in 1851, Moriondo was an engineer by profession and dedicated his life to innovation and invention. He filed a patent for his espresso machine in 1884, which was an important development in the history of coffee. In this article, we will explore the life and work of Angelo Moriondo, and the impact that his invention had on the world of coffee.

Early Life and Education

Angelo Moriondo was born into a family of inventors and engineers. His father and grandfather were both engineers, and they had a strong influence on his life and career. Moriondo was educated in Turin, where he studied engineering and developed an interest in machines and mechanical systems. He was particularly interested in the science of heat transfer and the dynamics of steam engines.

Invention of the Espresso Machine

In 1884, Moriondo filed a patent for a new coffee machine that used steam to force water through ground coffee. The machine was designed to make coffee quickly and efficiently, and it was the first device of its kind. The espresso machine consisted of a boiler, a filter, and a delivery pipe. The water in the boiler was heated by a fire, which created steam. This steam was used to force the water through the coffee and into the cup. Moriondo’s espresso machine was a significant improvement on existing coffee machines, which were slow and cumbersome.

Impact on the Coffee Industry

The invention of the espresso machine had a significant impact on the coffee industry. It allowed coffee to be made quickly and efficiently, which was important in a world where time was becoming an increasingly precious commodity. The espresso machine was particularly popular in Italy, where it became a symbol of Italian culture and was associated with the art of coffee-making. Today, espresso is one of the most popular ways to drink coffee, and espresso machines can be found in cafes and homes all over the world.

Legacy of Angelo Moriondo

Angelo Moriondo’s legacy lives on in the world of coffee. His invention was a major step forward in the development of coffee machines, and it paved the way for the modern espresso machine. Moriondo’s work has inspired generations of inventors and engineers, who have continued to improve and refine the espresso machine over the years. Today, espresso machines are a common sight in coffee shops and homes around the world, and they continue to be an important part of the coffee industry.


Angelo Moriondo was a remarkable inventor who made a significant contribution to the world of coffee. His invention of the espresso machine was an important milestone in the history of coffee, and it has had a profound impact on the industry. Moriondo’s work has inspired generations of inventors and engineers, and his legacy lives on in the modern espresso machine. Today, we can enjoy a cup of espresso thanks to the ingenuity and vision of Angelo Moriondo.

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