Elon Musk Fires Employee for Tweet Engagement Drop, Criticisms Follow

The quality of Twitter Support has been abysmal since the launch of Twitter Blue. To illustrate, one of our employees subscribed to Twitter Blue on January 28th, and despite creating a support ticket, he still has not received a Blue tick on his profile. When he reached out to Twitter Support, he was informed that they were aware of the issue and would resolve it soon. However, it has been almost 15 days, and they have failed to do so. This level of carelessness on the part of @twittersupport is concerning, and we are left wondering what @elonmusk, the CEO of Twitter, is doing about it.

It is disappointing that even after paying for a premium service, our employee has not received the promised benefits. The lack of timely support has left our employee feeling undervalued as a customer. We hope that @twittersupport takes immediate action to address the issue and ensure that their paying customers receive the service they deserve.

In light of these circumstances, we urge @elonmusk to take a more proactive role in ensuring that Twitter’s customer service improves. It is important for the CEO to be aware of the issues that are affecting the company’s customers and to take prompt action to address them. If the situation is not resolved soon, it may have a negative impact on the reputation of Twitter Blue and could lead to a loss of subscribers.

And also recently we got to know, Twitter CEO Elon Musk recently fired an employee who failed to provide a satisfactory explanation for the falling engagement on his tweets. Musk had assembled a team of engineers and advisors to investigate the matter, which he described as “ridiculous.” The engineer who presented a possible explanation that the public interest in Musk’s tweets was waning was promptly fired by Musk, according to The Verge.

Musk has been experimenting with several methods to boost his Twitter following, including making his account private for a day. This was in response to complaints from several users who claimed that changes to Twitter had reduced their reach. However, despite having over 100 million followers, Musk was only receiving tens of thousands of impressions.

One employee stated that Musk has instructed engineers to monitor the number of times each of his tweets is recommended. Despite the reports, Twitter has not issued any official statement on the matter. The move has garnered criticism from those who believe it is unreasonable for a CEO to fire an employee for something as trivial as falling engagement on Twitter.

Written by Alex McCurthy

Influencer UK VIP Contributor

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